Ranking the NBA's 10 Best Current Jerseys

Tim Kelly
June 12, 2020 - 1:59 pm

In many senses, putting this list together was a depressing exercise.

The 1990s NBA featured some of the coolest, most unique jerseys in NBA history. That's why when we ranked the greatest jerseys in the history of the sport earlier this year, there was a heavy 1990s influence.

Don't expect there to be much of a 2010s or 2020s influence on any future lists.

From here, nearly two-thirds of the league has regressed in their appearance since the 1990s. A majority of the teams that haven't regressed still don the same look that they did throughout the 1990s. Others, like the Orlando Magic and Phoenix Suns, were penalized and excluded from this list because their current jerseys are modern takes on classic jerseys. Like the saying goes, the sequel is rarely better than the original.

For as much as we long for the aesthetics of the 1990s NBA, there are still some teams with strong looks today. Here are the 10 best jerseys in the sport currently:

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