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Nokes: Durant and Fox Sports' Broussard engaged in weird Twitter feud

Danny Nokes
May 23, 2019 - 10:50 am

Twitter is stupid.

Sure, it's a fantastic way to disemminate information. But because it's such a wide open venue for people to give their opinions on literally everything, the social media site now creates as many problems as it helps solve.

Now that we've got that out of the way, it's easy to see that professional athletes are taking to social media more often than ever. It's a good way for them to interact with fans and promote events and other things in a positive manner.

But just as Twitter always does, it creates problems for the players as well.

Enter Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warriors and Fox Sports' Chris Broussard.

Durant is known for his short temper on (and off) social media and even admitted to using a burner account a couple of years ago.

Ever since his injury in the Western Conference Finals, he's been active on the social media site once again.

This all started a couple of days ago when Broussard was talking about the prospect of the Warriors winning yet another championship but this time without Durant. KD didn't agree with Broussard's sentiments:

The beef went dormant for a couple of days before Broussard began to discuss his off-the-court relationship with Durant. Again, KD didn't seem to agree with Broussard:

This time, Broussard went back to social media to defend his position:

Finally, Broussard posted a video yesterday going into more detail of what the supposed off-the-court relationship between he and KD has been like, as well as more information about their back and forth:

Look, I know most of you couldn't care less about this nor should you. Frankly, I couldn't care less either.

I just find it funny. 

It's hilarious to me that the best basketball player in the world is so insecure about himself that he feels the need to constantly defend himself on social media (with both real and fake accounts). High-profile celebrities are unquestionably wasting their time reading their mentions and trying to sway the opinions of people that just don't like them. Half of the population on Twitter is now reserved for trolls who's sole purpose is to 'stir the pot,' or make a negative comment about something just to create chaos.

Is Durant doing anything wrong? Not in this situation. We can have a separate conversation about his pathetic use of burner accounts another time.

But you're telling me this bothers you that much when you're on the verge on winning your third championship? Not to mention, you're going to have the chance to go play wherever you want in the NBA and have plenty more chances to win championships. Why do you need to engage in this type of petty behavior?

Broussard is quite literally doing his job. He gets paid to analyze sports on national TV and radio.

I'd say we all need a break from social media once in awhile...