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Nokes: Thoughts on Trent Williams holdout and Nats recent surge

Danny Nokes
June 06, 2019 - 12:32 pm

One team is finally headed in the right direction while the other is hit with some very bad news.

For weeks, their roles in the echelon of D.C. sports were reversed. The Redskins had put together what I deemed a "surprisingly competent draft" and the Nationals were one of the worst teams in baseball despite a roster full of talent.

Now, the Nationals are playing significantly better baseball and the Redskins are in danger of losing their best overall player.

I had some thoughts on the holdout of Redskins LT Trent Williams and the Nationals' recent success:

Right now, all signs are pointing to the fact that Trent Williams has likely played his last game in a Redskins uniform:

Meanwhile, there's no doubt the Nationals' bullpen has improved as of late:

However, the bullpen still isn't even strong enough to even be considered below average. The Nats need to continue scoring runs: