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Nokes: Who had the best NFL Schedule release video on social media?

Danny Nokes
April 18, 2019 - 1:47 pm

Many teams from around the National Football League enjoy having a little fun with the regular season schedule release each year.

The biggest question is: Who did it best? Who had the most clever schedule release correspondence?

Let's take a quick look:

Two teams tried to capitalize on the hype surrounding last weekend's Game of Thrones premiere. Both the Redskins and the Falcons gave us great renditions of the opening credits of what seems to be the most popular TV show around these days.

The Redskins opted to use the actual theme music from GOT:

However, the clear winner between these two takes on the GOT theme was Atlanta. The detail surrounding the visiting venues is astounding. Not to mention, the shot they took at the New Orleans Saints at the :41 mark is just too funny not to give the Falcons the better of the two GOT videos:

Personally, my favorite was what the Carolina Panthers did in including a number of different classic video games:

I used to be darn near unbeatable at some of the games in this video such as Tony Hawk and Goldeneye. The salutes to Sonic, Mortal Kombat, Halo and others were not lost on us either.

It's fun to see the NFL and their social media teams get creative.