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Number$ on Landon Collins. They're eye catching for a whole other reason.

$45 million not the real guarantee

March 12, 2019 - 9:03 am

The devil is always in the details.

Or maybe it's just the truth.

The first report yesterday of Landon Collins signing was 6 years $84 million with $45 guaranteed.

But as we have learned over the years,the question should always be: What is the real guaranteed money?

According to NFL Network's Mike Garafolo, the numbers breakdown is "there’s a $15m signing bonus in 2019 and a $6m option bonus in 2020. In all, $32m fully guaranteed over the first two years. He has $12.5m in 2021 that’s guaranteed for injury only."

Yes, that's still big money but according to Les Carpenter of the Washington Post, the creativity of the Redskins allows the dealt to structured so he only counts $4 million against the cap in 2019...Read it here!

It may feel splashy and to some at first glance "over spending" but the Redskins signed a 24 year old talent to fill a gap at safety that they couldn't draft and develop anyone for the past dozen years.  They also did it in a cap friendly manner to where there is still money (although) limited to address multiple other needs for this team.

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