Mumford & Sons, Khalid, Tom Morello, Tenille Townes, and Anne-Marie Do 1THING for the Environment

From ditching straws to recycling like it's your job

Tiana Timmerberg
November 01, 2018 - 2:26 pm

America Recycles Day (November 15) is just around the corner and, while figuring out what you can actually recycle can seem overwhelming, doing 1THING to help the environment isn’t.

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While Anne-Marie is saving the turtles from the danger of straws, Tenille Townes is low key bullying her family for not recycling. We support it, Tenille! Join Anne, Tenille, Mumford & Sons, Khalid, and Tom Morello in doing something good for the environment.

Simple steps like making sure to recycle can have a huge impact in reducing your carbon footprint... And saving the turtles!