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ACC Kickoff Day #2: The importance of Week 1 for VT and UVA

Week 1 won't make or break you but it could launch the seasons of both the Hokies and Cavaliers

Wes McElroy
July 18, 2019 - 2:55 pm

No season is an instant success if you win the opener nor will things fall apart if you lose the opener.

However, with UVA and Virginia Tech this year, their openers are magnified and they are impactful.

Virginia goes into Pitt.  A program that has to replace including Quadree Ollison and Darrin Hall, they bring in a new OC, their defense allowed a lot of big plays last year. This is a game that UVA should win.

Rare have we said “UVA should win this game” in the past five years but this goes into the whole “playing with expectations” storyline around the Wahoos.  Should UVA get that win, it’s not only an ACC win, but it springboards them into the Coastal at 1-0.

If they don’t get that win the instant reaction will be:  “UVA is overhyped and overrated.”

In September, UVA can turn a lot of heads at Pitt, home vs Florida State and then ending the month at Notre Dame.

They will beat William and Mary and hopefully they learned a lesson from VT when they play ODU. But those two games won’t stir the waters of college football. What will is a UVA team that has two big road wins and a home win over FSU in the first month.

After that is a bye and then can you imagine if we are talking about a 4-1 UVA team or a 5-0 team heading into Miami on October 11th. 

That has primetime written all over it.

Virginia has a great chance to stir the waters of college football.

Virginia Tech with their schedule, that’s going to be a little harder so that’s why going into Chestnut Hill and getting a Week 1 win against BC is going to be so big.

 VT wins that game they go 1-0 in conference. Not that it will hype up the fan base and answer every question but a conference win is a conference win and a road win is road win.

But should the Hokies lose that game, the rest of September includes ODU, Furman, a bye week, and a Friday night game against Duke. Not exactly a riveting lineup.

If Virginia Tech wants to stir the same waters it’s going to not going to be with the same force as the Wahoos, but if they could go 4-0 into Miami on October 5th, that could change the conversation.

But to go 4-0, you have to 1-0 first.

Moral of the story: Week 1 is always big.   Bigger around here because of the ACC Network and because of that we are getting conference games on the schedule.

But for UVA and VT –a win would be a big springboard into the season.