Flying Squirrels knock it out of the park

4 Day Event was smashing success

Wes McElroy
July 11, 2019 - 9:08 am

What an amazing few days around Richmond put on by the Flying Squirrels and the 2019 Eastern League All Star Week.

Four days of fun concluded with last night’s All Star Game won by the Western Division and fitting that a Flying Squirrel wins MVP honors, Jacob Heyward wraps up the award after a night that included his home run in the 6th inning, scoring twice, and making two solid catches in left field.

It was only fitting that the final part of this week had the "Squirrels" and "Most Valuable" in the same sentence because what this organization did this week, and I hate to use the term “pulled off” because that always sounds like they weren’t prepared or were unorganized, because that’s the farthest thing from it.

This was two years in the making and they didn’t miss a detail.  By one, adding two nights to the festivities with the Mayor’s party at Brown’s Island to the concert on Monday night and then the home run derby and hitting contest, which was my favorite event, and then last night’s All Star Game, which once again to the Squirrels credit, you went last night and it didn’t just feel like you went to a Squirrels game.

They pulled out all the bells and whistles of what you have in an All Star game, with the lineups and introductions, and new uniforms but at the same time, the Squirrels did showcase all their “funn” and promotions and uniqueness that make the special and why we go to the Diamond.

It really was 4 days, packed with something for everybody from the baseball, to the home runs, to the concert or the food.

 I hope you took advantage of it.