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LeBron emulated MJ. Who do kids emulate in sports today?

Who are the most influential athletes on the field?

Wes McElroy
March 07, 2019 - 2:29 pm

While listening to highlights of LeBron James after moving into 4th place on the All-Time scoring list passing Michael Jordan, I listened to him discuss how he used to emulate MJ.

It made me ponder "Who is the Most Emulated Athlete in 2019?"

Thinking about this topic a few names came to mind. The first being Steph Curry

A kid can look at Steph, look at his height and "Say wait,,,if I can shoot the 3….I can play basketball no matter who tall I am."

When I  was a kid we were all trying to get rim and dunk. Now its "can I hit the 3? 

We talk about game changers so much in sports but often few are. Steph Curry is.

The other name I though of is Odell Beckham Jr. You can go back to that one handed catch vs New York on SNF and look at what it's done around the NFL, CFB, and even high school football. Watch all the players that can make one handed catches.You see the HSFB highlights and you’ll see some guys going up making 1 handed grabs. You didn’t see that 10 years ago!

Do you have kids? Do you coach youth sports?  Who is the most emulated athlete in 2019?

Let me know!