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McElroy: Baseball had a smash of a night

Guerro, Alonso, and Pederson put on a show

Wes McElroy
July 09, 2019 - 9:10 am

Last night Pete Alonso won the show.

Vlad Guerro Jr. stole the show.

Give it up to the Mets slugger. It’s not how many you hit but can you hit more than the other guy and outlast your opponent.

Alonso found away to edge Guerrero (and I also imagine fatigued helped) needing 23 homers to beat Vlad Jr, he came behind for the third time on the night to become just the 2nd rookie to win the HR Derby. (Aaron Judge was the first in 2007).

However, when we look back at this HR Derby we’ll remember Guerrero’s performance of 91 home runs.

The much heralded prospect hit a record 29 home runs in the first round (talk about a first impression).

If you then thought that would wear him out, he would smash 29 more to tie the record about a half hour later.

 Plus, let’s also add his 488-foot shot that almost touched the scoreboard in left making it the longest home run of the night.