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McElroy: The Field for Colonial Downs Derby Day Challenge

What would McElroy's horse be named? Here are the winners of "Create the name" of McElroy's Race Horse

Wes McElroy
May 03, 2019 - 10:20 pm

Colonial Downs is rewarding you for watching the Kentucky Derby.

Watch the Kentucky Derby and if your horse comes in, you could win one of these prizes.

-1st Place - $50 free play, hat, mug, shot glass and signed photo of Secretariat winning the derby by jockey Ron Turcotte

-2nd Place - $20 free play, hat, mug, shot glass

-3rd Place - $10 free play, hat, mug, shot glass

Over the past two days on the show, we had callers, tweeters, and emailers submit their names for what would Wes McElroy's horse be named.

Here are a few that made the cut:

"Smooth Interview", You Jackass, Scapple, LeatherRide, Mane-ly Gel, Lemon Booty, "An Offer He Can't Refuse", "It's Outta Here"


Those creative folks who submitted were paired with a horse, here are the contestants for today's Derby Day Challenge


2) War of Will-Stacy Gaines 

3) Tax-Robert RVA

4) By My Standards Larry Finer

5) Gray Magician - Jeffrey Williams

6) Improbable-Scott, from King William

7) Vekoma-Brian Ragland

8) Maximum Security-LJ Dean

9)Tacitus-Julie from Midlothian

10) Plus Que Parfait-Nathan Carroll

11) Cutting Humor-Sherwood in Chestnut Hill 

12) Code of Honor-Chris Leech

13) Win Win Win- Trey, Chesterfield

14) Master Fencer-Patrick Griner

15) Game Winner-Tony Peay

16)Roadster- Elliot in the Fan

17) Long Range Toddy- JP Cario

18) Spinoff- Ryan Barto

19) Country House-Michael Baugh

20) Bodeexpress-DJ Carlile