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McElroy: If we are going to "Let the Kids Play", then let them play and have fun

A bat flip may violate the "unwritten rules" but what about throwing at a guy?

Wes McElroy
April 19, 2019 - 2:24 pm


This is ridiculous.

I dont know what Tim Anderson said in the heat of the moment on Wednesday.  If it was racially sensitive or a homophobic slur, sports have been cracking down on that language and it would justify a one game suspension.

However if Anderson said "Bleep you" or "Go Bleep yourself" after having a ball thrown at him by Royals righty Brad Keller-well then who could blame him?

Keller was bent about this:

I guess by what the kids say on the social media I'm "Team Bat Flip".

I have no problem with the bat flip in baseball especially when Anderson's was thrown in the direction of his dugout while he screamed in celebration towards his guys. Not at Keller!

Why is it Anderson gets 1 game for swearing and Keller gets five, which is only one start, and can be worked around so he doesnt miss a single game.

You may not like the bat flip and that's okay. But why is it still tolerated that a pitcher throws at a guy because he feels embarrassed?

Opinions can be different just like celebrations. I'd have zero problem if a pitcher fist pumped after striking out a batter but I'd take issue if the batter winged the bat at the pitcher afterwards.

MLB has a great marketing line "Let the Kids Play".

Well, let them play!

If you are a pitcher and dont like the bat flip, then dont give up a home run.

You want the last laugh, get a guy out. Don't chuck it at him.

Finally, can we stop acting like it's sacriligeous when baseball players celebrate? 

Nobody gets their feelings hurt when somebody spikes a football. It's not an unwritten rule if a guy screams after dunking on a guy in basketball.

Let the kids play.  

In the words of Sgt. Hulka from "Stripes" everybody in baseball: "Lighten up Francis."

And how about baseball create a real rule of retaliation and come up with stiffer penalities for chucking the ball at a guy when a player get his feelings hurt.