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McElroy: Poll Question: How many Virginia schools win Thursday and Friday?

$1000 in Vegas-where would you put your money?

Wes McElroy
March 21, 2019 - 9:32 am

Good morning from Columbia. The sun is shining and I couldnt be more excited to be indoors watching practice, press conferences and streaming full coverage of the games.

Wanted to throw this out before the games begin, as I was on with The Junkies yesterday morning and the guys asked me, "if we set the line at 2.5 wins in the first round for Virginia schools, would you go over or under?

I took the Over.

In my brackets, I have UVA, VT, VCU, and Liberty with the upset all winning. 

How about you?

If you had $1000 to be in Vegas, would you take the Over or the Under?