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McElroy: Rams ready to go vs Tacko (with Brooms, pads, asst. coaches,etc)

Rhoades, Santos-Silva,and video from Rams practice

Wes McElroy
March 22, 2019 - 8:40 am



How are the Rams getting ready for Tacko Fall?

"We've been simulating it in practice," said Marcus Santos-Silva. "One of our assistant coaches, Coach Scott, he's been practicing too because he's really tall and big. We've used like pads to simulate him blocking shots. But nothing really until you actually play the game." 

If you want a good read on who Tacko Fall is and where he came from, check out his history here: Tacko Fall

Mike Rhoades on defending Fall:

"We had a guy on our team like that, like Larry Sanders, where if you're going to attack somebody that big and they're waiting for you and ready for you, it's probably not a good decision. We've got play the way we do with our style of play and move that ball and be fast and do what we always dow, try to get our opponent chasing  and being a step or two late. But if they're standing there waiting, it's not going to work."