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McElroy: Thoughts on what's next for the VCU Rams, Marcus Evans, and using a wish for the Sports Genie

Rams lose game but Evans injury far more important.

Wes McElroy
March 16, 2019 - 7:51 am

Dating and sports.

Two things that can be damn cruel.

We've all had those breakups or crushing dumpings where just when we thought everything was going right- BAM! You get the line "It's not you. It's me"

Sports can be just as mean. Just like yesterday when VCU on a 12 game win streak and favorites to win the A10 tournament watched star guard Marcus Evans go down at 6:28 of the first half in the Rams quarterfinal loss to Rhode Island.

I give VCU credit. They never folded, mentally regrouped, but at certain moments in the game, including the final four minutes, you could see the Rams missing the man I'ved called the "Lead Dog" all year long.

There is consulation in losing that the Rams will have their name called Selection Sunday and will be part of March March Madness. (as of Saturday morning, all Bracketologists including Joe Lunardi have VCU in. As they should)

But will they have Evans when they play again?

Right now he is being listed as "day to day" by the school, and as Michael Phillips of the Times Dispatch writes today while on-site doctors found no ligament damage, a final assessment of the knee won't made until this weekend when the swelling goes down.

If it is just a deep bone bruise, the question is how much can pain he play through.  This was an issue for Sean Mobley in the beginning of the season as noted by Rams Radio analyst Michael Litos.

(And before you judge how much pain can a player play through, remember these guys are sprinting about 3-4 miles a game, so before you assess anything-go get off the couch, have someone smash you in the leg with a 2x4 and then go for a 3 mile run)

I've had a running bit on my show for years called the "Sports Genie".  Just a mythological hope that there is a Sports Genie that will grant 3 wishes to each sports fan every year.

If the Sports Genie is listening I'd like to use 2. I'd like to ask that Virginia Tech gets Justin Robinson back this week and that VCU has Marcus Evans on the floor as well.

Evans has had enough set backs in his career including 2 Achilies injuries in as many years. And yes, whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger but can somebody give the guy a break?

He's worked too hard to get back on the floor and he's been an exemplary leader and teammate for the Rams. 

For right now, and if there is no additional news on Evans, it will be the waiting game to see "if" the first team A-10 guard plays in the NCAA Tourament.  And yes, I know fans don't exactly handle well the unknown and when asked for patience, but right now the waiting game for Evans is still better then "no game.

Stay tuned, if there is any news during the course of the day or weekend, I'll have it up here.

And Ram fans, while you wait, maybe you want to dial up the Sports Genie as well.