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McElroy: Too many goals? Too much celebrating? "Lighten up Francis"

For those with an issue with the USWNT putting in 13, please get a clue.

Wes McElroy
June 12, 2019 - 7:18 am

It took all of about 2 minutes into the FOX Sports Postgame for it to become “a thing.”

Rob Stone wasn’t the only one to take issue with how many goals this United States posted on Thailand. There were also those who didn’t exactly care for how much celebrating the US women did after some late goals.

For those taking issue with the US showing no mercy and putting in 13, my question is: what did you want them to do after this thing become a laugher at halftime?

Kick the ball around? Play keep away?

There are those offended thinking it was disrespectful to keep scoring. Well, please do remember that goals and goal differential can (and does) matter in the World Cup.

Also, what’s more disrespectful: playing the game out and yes scoring? Or acting like Thailand’s team is a bunch of first graders and playing keep away to kill the clock?

While we are at it, can some of you stop using the reference of this to youth sports and good sportsmanship.  The World Cup isn’t the Henrico Youth League.

Want to make it a teachable moment? Tell your kids that somedays beat downs happen?  Somedays you get taught the lesson that somebody is better than you. Learn from it let and let it fuel you to become better.

The USWNT is playing in this tournament with a chip on their shoulder.  They are playing trying to send a message for better pay compared to the men’s team, they know they are the hunted as the defending champs, and they know they are playing on the soil of their biggest challenger.

As for those who have a problem with too much celebrating?

In the words of Sergeant Hulka in Stripes, “lighten up Francis”.

It’s the World Cup. The women only get so many matches every 4 years to play on this stage.

If you get the moment and score a goal- celebrate. You never know if you'll get it again.

Yesterday, the USMT came out and sent message: they are the team to beat and still the team to beat.