McElroy: Virginia stresses fans in first half; big exhale in the 2nd half. Team keeps calm but with an edge.

Jack Salt video, Jerome discusses keeping calm but keeping an "edge", Sooners next

Wes McElroy
March 22, 2019 - 6:30 pm

Maybe getting down 14 to Gardner-Webb was part of UVA excercising all their demons.

It gave their fans heart palpatations.

However, not this team. Not this year.

"I though the way these guys in the last part of the first half to get it back to a six point game was pivotal for us, "said head coach Tony Bennett. "Because Gardner-Webb is good. They move hard, they are quick. We understood that. They had a great backing you could feel that but I thought the way these guys came out and fought. Then in the second half, there's a few adjustments that we did but these guys really stepped up and played. And that's a pressure, there's no doubt about it. You know when you're in that that spot, you feel the crowd but it's something we had to go through and I'm glad I'm up here this year feeling a little different then when I had Ty (Jerome) and Kyle (Guy) but it's the beauty of the tournament. You just don't know but we played well in the 2nd half and the first half, which we need to do. I'm proud of these gus the way they responded when it got just a little intense. That's the reality of it."

De'Andre Hunter had 23, Mamdi Diakite 17, and Tye Jerome netted 13.  Read the Game Story here!


Virginia was calm coming back from 14 down, including cutting the lead down to 6 before half. But they weren't too calm.

Ty Jerome brought up something very interesting post game about where the Cavaliers need to keep themselves in the moment.

"Every time-out, we had a different mindset because, I mean. I remember last year, halftime against UMBC , one of our coaches came in screaming at us and we......

Tony Bennett: I was out there doing an interview so it wasn't me. (laughter)

Jerome: We felt their panic last year at halftime, and that was one thing I remember,  not doing a good job keeping everyone calm. That's what I price myself on, too.  Every time-out, it's just a matter of keeping guys calm, but also keeping our edge. You've got to find a balance. You can't come out, everything's going to be okay, stay calm. Just trying to find the right balance of staying calm and keeping our edge. "

Moving on


Hoos Next?

It'll be Wahoowa vs Boomer Sooner. 

The Sooners rolled Ole Miss right out of the building with a 95-72 victory.  The Sooners are the #9 seed.