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McElroy: Virginia Tech transfer Brock Hoffman denied medical hardship waiver.

NCAA feels social media heat over ridiculous ruling. As they should!

Wes McElroy
April 24, 2019 - 9:35 am

For many years the NCAA has made decisions that have made no sense.

I still go back to how former Utah head coach Rick Majerus had his hand slapped by the NCAA for buying a player a burger after his parent had died as the late coach tried to comfort the kid before leaving for his family.

Last night the once again, the NCAA botched another moment to do the fair and right thing when they denied Brock Hoffman who will officially transfer from Coastal Carolina to Virginia Tech, a medical hardship waiver.

Hoffman’s mom had surgery to remove a non-cancerous tumor in 2017.  He wants to transfer to be closer to his home in Statesville, NC.

At Coastal he was 4 hours away, he’d only by 2 hours away in Blacksburg.

The NCAA yesterday denied this waiver.

As Hoffman noted in his tweet, the reasons where that he lived 5 miles outside of the 100 mile area in the transfer rule and they also had deemed his mother’s condition has improved from the surgery.

Now mind you, while Hoffman’s mom survived a life-threatening surgery, according to Brock, she still deals with facial paralysis, hearing loss, and eye sight issues.  She will never be 100% again.

Funny how the NCAA ruled this, when Hoffman gave an interview to the Roanoke Times, he noted that no representative from the NCAA actually ever talked to him about his status or her condition.

They had follow up questions for him about his case and situation, but not once did he ever talk to an actual person about his situation.

What #$%$ kind of research is that?

Hoffman even included the photos that he shared on social media, including the scars and x-ray of his Mom’s surgery. The poor woman has a tube running from her neck and massive scar from Brain Surgery!!? 

 What exactly did the NCAA think was going on here? 

How did they not this think this wasn’t a situation where a young man deserved something called a “medical hardship” waiver to go take care of his Mom recovering from this situation or to be close to her?

What’s also messed up here is that Hoffman tried to be as legit and transparent as possible.

 Hoffman, could have applied for another type of waiver when Coastal Carolina head coach Joe Moglia stepped down in January but he choose to apply for the waiver that actually pertained to his situation. (and quite a situation it is).

I’ve wondered over the past years about the NCAA loosening its reigns on transfers as you’ve seen with Justin Fields going from Georgia to Ohio State and Tate Martell being eligible right away at Miami.

These are different types of waivers.  But what type of situations did those two have where the NCAA said “Oh you didn’t win the job at School A. Well, okey dokey. Go ahead and move to School B and play right away.” Vs. a young man who wants to still play football but be closer to home and mother, who has limitations from a major surgery.

This time they are just showing they are insensitive, not thorough in the process, morons.

I hope the best for Hoffman during the appeal process.

I also hope somebody with a soul at the NCAA actually does the decent thing and pick up the phone and actually talk to the young man.