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McElroy: What Wes is Wondering? 10 thoughts going into tonight's first round of the NFL Draft

Trades, smoke screens, and the Skins

Wes McElroy
April 25, 2019 - 9:48 am

Here are 10 Things I’m “Wondering “going into tonight’s first round of the NFL Draft.

  1. Will Arizona pick Kyler Murray?  I think this first round could be crazy enough with trades with the Cardinals picking him. What happens if they don’t?
  2. Will they move Josh Rosen during the draft or wait for the dust to settle and move him in the next 24 hours?
  3. The Jets want out of #3. But who wants in and who is throwing smokescreens to get in?  If Kyler Murray doesn’t go #1 it could be a mad dash to #3 by the Raiders to try to block anyone (like the Bears did two years ago with Mitch Trubisky), maybe the Redskins, or maybe a mystery team?  Could Washington also be baiting the Giants to move up?
  4. If Murray is gone at #1 would the Raiders pick Dwayne Haskins at #4.  (I really can’t wait to see what the Raiders are up to tonight. It feels like something is brewing especially when you kick out all your scouts on Friday)
  5. What’s Dave Gettleman have up his sleeve at #6 with the Giants? Are they going QB? Defense? Do they love Daniel Jones or Haskins? He’s got us all guessing.  Also, what do they do at #17?  Do they go defense early thinking their QB will be their late or do they have to go QB at #6?  I loved what Daniel Jeremiah said to Dan Patrick this morning “there’s a difference between like and love”.  Do the Giants really love a QB? If so, you’ve got to get him at 6.
  6. What if Haskins falls past 6?  You have Jacksonville, Detroit, and Buffalo who all have their QB’s sitting at 7,8,9.  Could the Bengals, Dolphins, or Redskins possibly do?  The Bengals feel like a sneaky wild card in this first round.
  7. If Dan Snyder is really pulling the power move in DC and wants to move up to #3?  How much would it actually take to move up 10-12 spots to get in the top 5 or top 3? (It’s a terrible idea but exactly how much would it take?)
  8. What if all the QB’s are gone by 15 and the Redskins stay at 15?
  9. Who do the Redskins pass on?  As history goes, this pick will always be judged against those who were still on the board.
  10. What’s the pick or move that we don’t see coming?  4 months of talking about this, there is always that one move that makes us go “Whoa!” because we didn’t see it coming.