McElroy: What You Missed With Wes (11-08-19)

Wes McElroy
November 08, 2019 - 7:04 pm

Miss anything? Here's today's Show Recap!

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Hour 1:
Lane Casadonte of CBS6 Sports

  • Wes has his weekly talk with Lane Casadonte of CBS6 Sports as they discuss the career of Bud Foster, how will the Hokies handle the rest of November, and is this the season Chris Mooney gets the Spiders on track.

Hour 2:
VCU Play By Play Commentator for MASN Scott Jackson

  • Wes is joined live by VCU play by play commentator for MASN and member of the Redskins Broadcast team Scott Jackson as they discuss how the Rams have looked after one game, how they compare to last season's teams, and should the Redskins stick with Dwayne Haskins the rest of the season?

​​​​​​​Parney's Picks

  • After a down week Boxing Promoter, President of DiBella Entertainment, and managing partner of the Flying Squirrels Lou DiBella tries to make it 2 losses in a row for the Big Guy in this week's edition of Parney's Picks.

​​​​​​​Hour 3:
Jeff Erickson of

  • Wes talks with Jeff Erickson of as they discuss Patrick Mahomes Return to the Chiefs, Adam Thielen and Amari Cooper missing from the Vikings-Cowboys game, and answer your other burning fantasy questions.

Collin Wilson of the Action Network

  • Wes has his weekly chat with Collin Wilson of the Action Network as they discuss the lines for the LSU-Alabama game, the Virginia Tech and UVA games, and a few NFL games.

David Teel of the Daily Press

  • Wes talks with David Teel of the Daily Press as they discuss why Coordinators and assistant aren't allowed in the College Football Hall of Fame, when did the Lunchpail Defense come into being, and a preview of the Wake Forest game.