McElroy: What You Missed With Wes (01-24-20)

Wes McElroy
January 24, 2020 - 6:17 pm

Miss anything? Here's today's Show Recap!

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Hour 1:
Lane Casadonte of CBS6 Sports

  • Wes has his weekly chat with Lane Casadonte of CBS6 sports as they discuss how would they fix the Super Bowl, is Richmond-Dayton the game of the weekend, and how pivotal are the next two games for the Rams and Spiders?

Hour 2:
Parney of the Flying Squirrels in Studio

Richmond Head Basketball Coach Chris Mooney

  • Wes and Parney chat with Spiders head coach Chris Mooney as they look at how the team has handled growing with success, what got coach through the down seasons, and what makes the Number 7 Flyers so dangerous.

Hour 3:
Andrew "McLovin" Perloff from The Dan Patrick Show

  • Wes is joined by Andrew "McLovin" Perloff from the Dan Patrick Show as they break down where would he permanently move the Super Bowl, should Eli Manning go into the Hall of Fame, and are people pulling more for Andy Reid than the Kansas City Chiefs?

The Voice of the Rams Robby Robinson

  • Wes talks with the Voice of the Rams Robby Robinson as they break down what has stood out in these past two wins, did something happen to take the weight off the team's shoulders, and a preview of the LaSalle game.