Mookie Betts


McElroy: What You Missed With Wes (02-05-20)

Wes McElroy
February 05, 2020 - 5:28 pm

Miss anything? Here's today's Show Recap!

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Hour 1:

Hour 2:

Steve Gardner of USA Today

  • Wes talks with Steve Gardner of USA Today as they break down Pete Rose's latest attempt to be reinstated in MLB,  did the Red Sox do the right thing by trading Mookie Betts, and where does Kris Bryant end up?

Norm Wood of The Daily Press

  • Wes chats with Norm Wood of the Daily Press as they break down Justin Fuente's first press conference after the Baylor situation, what does Norm make of the Hokies two new recruits, and is the Lunch Pail being retired in Blacksburg?

Hour 3:

The Voice of the Cavaliers Dave Koehn

  • Wes is joined by the Voice of the Cavaliers Dave Koehn as they look at what the mood is like in Charlottesville as UVA is on the bubble, what's it like to be around Tony Bennett this year, and what should the Cavaliers expect from the Clemson Tigers tonight?