McElroy: What You Missed With Wes (02-07-20)

Wes McElroy
February 07, 2020 - 6:43 pm

Miss anything? Here's today's Show Recap!

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Hour 1:

Hour 2:

Tom Schad of USA Today

  • Wes is joined by Tom Schad of USA Today as they look at the debut of the XFL this weekend, what is unique of the league, and what hope is there for the XFL this season.

Lane Casadonte of CBS6 Sports

  • Wes has his weekly chat with Lane Casadonte of CBS6 Sports as they discuss what 1 thing from sports would Lane like to bring back, the latest on Richmond's Blake Francis, what does Lane make of VCU down the stretch, and what could happen with all the Virginia Schools on the bubble.

Hour 3:

The Voice of the Rams Robby Robinson

  • Wes and Parney are joined by the Voice of the Rams Robby Robinson as they look at VCU's previous loss against Rhode Island, have the Rams found their urgency, and a preview of the game against Davidson.

Hour 4:

VCU Analyst Michael Litos

  • Wes is joined live by VCU Analyst Michael Litos as they look at whether or not Friday Night basketball works, does this team rely on the seniors or is it a team effort, and what should the Rams expect from the Wildcats?