McElroy - What You Missed With Wes (03/10/20)

Wes McElroy
March 11, 2020 - 7:30 am

Miss anything? Here's yesterday's show recap!

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Hour 1:

  • Wes brings back his interview with Chris Dobbertean of SBNation and previews the rest of the show.


Hour 2:

  • Wes chats with Times Dispatch's award-winning columnist, David Teel, as he gives his thoughts on UVA, VT, and previews the ACC Tournament.


Hour 3:

  • Covering the Commonwealth:
    • Wayne Epps, Jr. of the Times Dispatch on VCU
    • Marc Davis of NBC12 on Richmond
    • Chris Russell of Sports Illustrated on the Redskins
  • Wes chats with Spiders head coach Chris Mooney before the team heads off to Brooklyn.


Hour 4:

  • Wes talks with Mike Jones of USA Today on NFL free agency and the latest on CBA negotiations.