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McElroy - What You Missed With Wes (03/23/20)

Wes McElroy
March 24, 2020 - 7:00 am

Miss anything? Here's yesterday's show recap!

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Hour 1:

  • Wes chats with Rick Snider of on his reaction to Kyle Allen being traded to the Redskins, his thoughts on the Redskins approach to free agency, and his opinion on Quentin Dunbar’s future in Washington.


Hour 2:

  • Wes is joined by Mike Barber of the Times Dispatch as he relives the NCAA Championship run last year from UVA. Mike also gives his thoughts on how the UVA Football program will be impacted moving forward due to the current coronavirus pandemic.

  • Wes chats with WRVA’s Matt Demlein regarding the Governor’s statements on COVID-19, how Matt’s life as a reporter has changed amidst the pandemic, and his thoughts on if some people’s reactions are an overreaction or not.


Hour 3:

  • Wes is joined by Sean Gardner of USA Today on his thoughts about the plan for the reboot of the MLB following the current coronavirus pandemic, when he thinks they will finally start back up, and what classic NCAA games he watched this weekend.

  • Wes talks with Tampa Bay Buccaneers sideline reporter, TJ Rives, as TJ gives insight on when he knew that Tom Brady would be going to Tampa Bay, what the team and TB12 could do for each other over these next 2 seasons, and what the current situation could be for Jameis Winston following the signing of Tom Brady.


Hour 4:

  • Wes brings back his interviews with Rick Snider of and Mike Barber of the Richmond Times Dispatch in the 5pm hour.