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McElroy: When Rhoades says he wants to be at VCU. He means it.

Some thoughts on VCU head coach receiving a contract extension.

Wes McElroy
April 29, 2019 - 9:58 am

I’m not sure why VCU announced Mike Rhoades contact extension at 6pm Friday night.

Usually late Friday is the time to dump bad news.  Rather this was good news.

It didn’t come as a surprise to hear VCU had extended his deal after Rhoades led the school to its first outright A-10 regular season title, an at-large berth in the NCAA Tournament all while tying the program record for the most regular season wins.

VCU knows Rhoades isn’t going anywhere, but what they did was reward him for taking the next step and also financially aided his staff to help them stay together by allocating an additional $50,000 per assistant.

VCU, also while knowing Rhoades isn’t leaving anytime soon,  isn’t taking him for granted.

And yes, I don’t believe Mike Rhoades is going anywhere anytime soon.

Call me naïve but Rhoades wants to be here and build this program.   Unlike his predecessors, this is a destination job or as Rhoads has said before “a dream”.

I’ve said this  before, where Rhoades was born and raised, he looked around and saw coaches like Fran Dunphy at Penn, Phil Martelli at St. Joseph’s, Rollie Massamino at Villanova and John Cheney at Temple. Those were guys who build up programs and stayed decades at one place.

Rhoades witnessed guys leave their marks, not just on basketball programs, but on schools and a city.  They became as synonymous with their schools as the mascots. 

Jay Wright grew up the same way and you can see his ties to Villanova.

Rhoades and his family love Central Virginia. They’ve made it home while over a decade at Randolph-Macon, when he left to become an assistant at VCU, and after taking the reigns for a few years and stepping back into the world as a DI head coach (a step Rhoades probably knew he needed to take if he ever wanted this job), he came back to VCU as quick as they could call.

It’s not hard to see that the history of previous VCU coaches have scarred some fans, who fear the worst of when the next bigger school comes a calling.

Rhoades is a different type of coach.

Times change and people can as well, but for right now Mike Rhoades is doing what he wants at the exact place he wants to be.