Wes McElroy

McElroy: Greetings from South Carolina

VCU arrives, A Vegas flip with a Virginia team and the need for coffee

Wes McElroy
March 20, 2019 - 5:04 pm

Greetings from South Carolina.

I've touched down in Columbia and am currently in need of a cup of coffee.  (I have the feeling I will be needing a lot of that this week).

But I digress.

This is the calm before the storm. Teams are arriving today, funny enough VCU and UCF both arrived at the same air field within minutes of each other today.

Tomorrow, all teams will have a practice and media sessions.

UVA will hold their media session at 12:35 followed by practice at 1:15pm

VCU will have players and Coach Mike Rhoades at 3:30p and then an open practice at 4:10.

I know everyone will want an update on Marcus Evans but don't expect much. The practice is open to the pubic and media and no coach is giving away any trade secrets including a players health at that session.  

However, I will send any and all details to you on the show tomorrow following the Rams session.


Taking it all in

Mike Rhoades posted this earlier today


Odds and Ends

As of Wednesday afternoon, only one game in Vegas has flipped favorite to underdog. You guessed it-according to Betonline.ag, Only one game has flipped. VCU opened up as a 1½ favorite and are now a 1½ dog to UCF.

Also, the public is backing UC Irvine more than any other team at 92%. and is backing Liberty second most at 90%

Old Dominion vs Purdue

Old Dominion                +13       (72% of the money)

Purdue                          -13      (28% of the money)

***Note: Line opened up at -12…Lots of sharp money

Central Florida vs Virginia Commonwealth

Central Florida                          -1½      (74% of the money)

Virginia Commonwealth             +1½      (26% of the money)

***Note: Line opened up VCU at -1½…Only game where the favorite has flopped.


Gardner Webb vs Virginia

Gardner Webb              +23½    (50% of the money)

Virginia                         -23½    (50% of the money)

***Note: Line opened up at 24



Liberty vs Mississippi State

Liberty                          +6½      (90% of the money)

Mississippi State           -6½      (10% of the money)

***Note: Line opened up at -7


Saint Louis vs Virginia Tech

Saint Louis                    +10½    (35% of the money)

Virginia Tech                 -10½    (65% of the money)

***Note: Line opened up at -10