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What did we just watch? The Greatest Comeback of All Time.

Tiger Woods win the Masters. (Yes, it's 2019)

Wes McElroy
April 14, 2019 - 4:11 pm

I admit, I’d never thought I seed the day again where Tiger won a major.

I hoped. I wanted to believe, but did I really think I’d see the day?

Honestly, I’d got to the point where I just hoped Tiger Woods would find personal happiness again and enough health just to enjoy his life and his kids.

I’ve had family members, two in fact, fall into pain killer addiction. 

It wasn’t that long ago Tiger Woods most popular photo was a mug shot.

It wasn’t that long ago that Woods couldn’t get out of bed to stand because the pain was to great.

It wasn’t that long ago that Woods even started to tell people behind the scenes that he was done as we found from the story this week about the Master Champions dinner.

But then Tiger somehow got healthy.

He then somehow could start to not only stand again, but he could golf for four days.

Then, in a moment many of us we never thought would happen, he won again.

It was remarkable and amazing.  That was just the Tour Championship.

This was the Masters.

Win one green jacket and your career is different.

But this is the fifth for Tiger, this is the 15th major, and this is truly different because we never thought it would happen and yes, I’m sure there were deep, dark ugly moments where Woods, himself, never thought this would happen.

There were moments he’d never thought he’d play again.

2nd oldest Masters Champion. 15th Major. This is the greatest comeback of all time.

Sure, there will forever be Tiger jokes about Perkins waitresses and Thanksgiving night 2009 will be one of the most scandalous nights involving a sports star.

Tiger will forever be one of, if not the greatest falls from grace stories.

But Tiger’s comeback wasn’t just from 1 incident or life lowering moment.   This comeback has been scandal, injury, addiction,  human weakness, and life crippling pain for over a decade.

He’s gone from rising star, to top of the world, to the ultimate joke and then somehow, the once world’s greatest became the underdog we all cheered for to get back up.

Woods will not only go down as one of the most legendary athltes in the history of sports because his rise was epic, his fall was on display for the world to see, his comeback was not linear and over the past decade there have been far more low’s then high’s.

Then this weekend, today, it happened, Tiger Woods reached a new high:  he’s back on top.