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Tony Bennett's final words to team, Vegas Odds, and what I brought home for my daughter

What did Tony Bennett say to team about what comes next?

Wes McElroy
April 09, 2019 - 11:50 am

What were Tony Bennett's final words to the team after the game Monday night?

I just -- I think there was a bigger plan going on here, and I didn't need it, but I was used in it. I hope that it's a message for some people out there that there can be hope and joy and resiliency. I'm thankful for what happened. That's why I did what I did at the end. When that horn went off, I just put my head down and said, Thank You. I'm humbled, Lord, because I don't deserve to be in this spot, but You chose me to be here, and I'll give thanks.

And I told our guys in the locker room, I said put your arms around each other, take a look at every guy in here, look at each other. Promise me you will remain humble and thankful for this. Don't let this change you. It doesn't have to. We'll have memories. We'll be at each other's weddings -- or I'll be at their weddings. (Laughter.) Yes.

But stay humble and stay thankful. It's a great story. That's probably the best way I can end this. It's a great story.

Hoos Next?

According to Vegas, Virginia is the favorite to win next year's title.

Honestly, I'm not just a tad surprised, I'm actually a lot surprised the Cavaliers are in the favorite spot considering the impending depatrure of DeAndre Hunter and possibly Ty Jerome and Kyle Guy.

See the first release of next year's favorites.

Few Personal Moments

I also made sure to scoop up some confetti from the court and put it in a bag for my daughter to have for a great story someday.


I am now in Denver and have now been up for 29 hours straight and am getting ready to board the plane for home.  Night and night and thank you for reading our coverage over the past few days. Talk to you Wednesday at 3pm