Dave Koehn interview 1-3-18


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We have always picks coming up the four best things on television tonight that's about five minutes from now. Let's golf and phone calls 3450910. Couple questions up only one out Dave does real quick via one bunker cousins and one on the pro football fame finalist first one. On mr. cousins our poll question on Kirk cousins in seven months IC Kirk cousins wearing a a Redskins Jersey Broncos Jersey cardinals Jersey or other Broncos still leave an apple question at 46%. And our Pro Football Hall of Fame question with the finalists announced last night. If you were voter had one spy on your ballot who'd get your final vote Randy Moss or Terrell Owens and Randy Moss. Blown it out of the water 91%. For him I'm with the people on that poll go vote fox sports Richmond guy comments for the pole let's bring in Dave came the voice the Virginia Cavaliers. Also die hard Denver bronco fan how would you feel about Kirk cousins in Denver orange next year. Mean. Let's say V. One C thirty million dollars this season. Passed a guy. I just you can't. It's too much respect him as a unit created you gotta balance our roster are out of Olympic put a lot of money. One player and I know the order to get prince's blurt this year in Denver a big or pay. But I just think there are cheaper options. Allow you to a well structure I think thirty militants just used to it. All right 29 million dollars transition tag you gotta jump in there all for the third round pick you make in that deal. 29 is that what percent 29 dollars matchup with the transition tags then you can work got a long term contract. Okay. I am glad I put up a bit sublime not a Chia. You know I guess that at the seat would be the market value truly is quarter it's now it just means that reasonably quiet but. I don't know I mean again and I. I think if you can find now this is the million dollar if you can partly younger quarterback Horry quarterback that's as stopped. It's some level which can be reasonably good job. That's were ago but obviously that didn't work for Denver last year that they were trying to do so users said than done. These days again the voice of the Virginia Cavaliers also Denver bronco die hard in search of a quarterback. I know you're a basketball and by the way before I get into this game tonight and it Kabul may USC play by play guy the job of the play by play guy on radio is to paint the picture. And at the end of the game Saturday Virginia Boston College in the shot clock or the clock starting in the malfunction. And the fast break you did a superb job because I was driving and I don't listen to be ended a game and upended the exact picture of the darn near chaos that ensued. As Virginia outlast Boston College well done my friend. Who are appreciated it a little bit abstract European of that game but we were trying to figure as analog. Truly it never seen anything quite like what we're witnessing a game. You know surprise some like that you feel like maybe get the occult but so I don't know wealthy but you know the it was unbelievable though because you just. You you never see a game where you have to call and I'm not want to harp on officials very opt I'd delete strike apps. And I just in the final two minutes of the game like that. To have two calls that were made it works so egregious that they. Can truly put the result of a game it's just up the stomach but you know that's Orix or too muted just. Is that human element. Change you gotta find ways to overcome and I think that's what Purdue it was they do so to survive but it makes struck out publicly stronger hopefully that's the age of these urgent at. All right they survived they're one and knowing the ACC Virginia and number eight in the country taken on Virginia Tech and out of the bag game. But you can always go pros and cons the start with the pros what's gotten the type drama here over the past especially the past three games. It's like you've never said he was feeling I I don't know whether or believed former that he was one which that it but it's never way deeper and whatever is going on the rhythm is back there but it's lack of the duke which ended a bit political so. Virginia needs them could be at his best they've got 31 points at his best but at least. Close to his optimal level because. They just this is a team that just does not with the benefit. Oh lead and only capable back up point cardinal a lot of people want a secret I don't judge like art but the reality is he's just not he's Mora to guard. And for our children. He has a point guard who could obviously scored his low of 31 points but. They needed to be that cerebral guy in agreement could make some shots which they're gonna loosened things up for for kind of guy who was sitting very tight defense that game and you could see it in the numbers he's been struggle with at least thirteen at 37. And for the last three games while I Romans good ramps up so. It if you got another guy attic in kind of hurt should you try to put so much attention on the other one. That means she will put more debaters team and I do think it's too squad has a lot of different ways they kit that. Is one of the reasons. I think that they're pretty dangerous dark still think for all Virginia. Tech who balls up tonight that late game. It's two teams who were trying to figure out just how good they really are advocates expect these lot of the HTC as they got in the local competition they're going to the report but. I'm still waiting to cheaper Virginia not fully sold on this team yet but I do think that they are started chose sides I think regardless they're very good achievement Alpert. Bible so. Are you waiting to see what are you wanting to city. I would like to see some more consistent development on the inside of the guys they William Wilkins started to do so but out. In input jacks salty and a PP you view. Six points per game you know we're not David parking much or as low they're which is something down there. That would make a huge difference in the the other thing being a larger homes. A cent I was hoping that you I was a little nervous about that position the point guard spot replicates. He at least for now his team to answer that question what. From Virginia's perspective I just like it cease and easier baskets so that they don't so we're quite so order makes such typical shots. From outside but that is a little bit how this team is. Currently constructed it's a shooting team that if they're making shots they're awfully dangerous they're not been really need I have that sense. You know for the most part pecking did you read it to be. They can on the called the night news radio 1140 WR VA 9 o'clock the pregame starts at 830 it's Virginia Tech and you VA. It is early in the season and I'd like you said there are a lot of teams are trying to find out who and what they are but what you know about Virginia Tech. What's most concerning about buzzes team this year. Effective that there have been up by different players that the victims shoot lights out from outside. On top of that I'm all. Blacksburg stage last couple years people in particular inning to beat the teams prior to the spirit. At castle Austrian they've been dog fights no matter how good or how bad the detectives that are out there that are out that changes. It seemed startled look up the couple of those true prior. To that it doesn't matter and people and say oh he. Get it back up to watch what got. I'm not worried about that because I think to roll out secretly do that is in fact he is that why there are particular term or. But it's the little brother getting an opportunity to beat up on the big brother and and they relished it should I I think it's going to be. I think it's going to be a heck of a challenge for virgin here tonight but yeah I mean I think you look at but it just it struck back there as it should they do. They've got five different players averaging double break. You know that that makes a pretty tough assignment for the defense respect it. Particularly act like defense which aren't. And sure. Susceptibility to be shot oh so. We'll see what kind of team Blacksburg role that urgency for tackle that you're cited the fact that they are owned and it's gonna be prepared and. Arrest those fives maybe taken at 9 o'clock tip tonight David thanks as always will be listening moment. Our actual sticker on it you guys they've gained. Joining us on the deed Mercer rug cleaning hotline for all of you orient road queen needs just one called the Joseph indeed.