Interview: Alex Myers (6-15-18)

Wes McElroy
Friday, June 15th
Alex Myers of Golf Digest joins Wes to talk a rough first day at the U.S. Open, if it makes golf more exciting and who might already be out of contention at Shinnecock Hills.

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Now we had great conditions for many open of golf. That's luncheon to cocktails. And what would be like today let's welcome an outs Meyers senior writer at golf digest. Alex you're a man of words you write for a living explain how brutal beat down smacked down exactly what was yesterday's conditions and cocktails for the the elite of elite golfers. Yeah a little bit but what the starlet you know at that we all expected in part to play there are typical but the wind yesterday. Picked up a little more than about what we've seen the first few days of practice. Certainly it is always when you got your life. They don't call today is probably about a call went maybe ten to fifteen dollar went to yesterday when it was back consistently with gusts up to. Point 530 just wreaked Havoc on. The players and you know this adapter it actually going to be about what they sell. Any technical work is gonna get firmer today. It it shouldn't be quite it but I wouldn't expect the conditions could be that what you hear anything they've commercial. Out to be back here just something I read and I want to hear from your point of views and basically it rain Wednesday night and I thought it would slow things down a little. But for migrating to the winds shift like that to the winds do something that they did not see you foresee at the unpredictable. No I mean they they actually out of forecast that showed that it could happen again and stake their claim that they actually. But the course up a little easier. In preparation that so that speculate that you know how it would have been if they hadn't thought. But it another already upon Japan in bit. You know certain guys thought were a little borderline. I thought the world you know couple. The first tolls will be viewed it called back back this kid. Very top obviously result Tiger Woods and beat you you put that in at all what you were a little Loftier you're dead back there. Same on the tenth hole as well. Does the mideast trip back in where we're at it you brought up behind the green. Certainly. You know cause a lot of Bob's cell. That it. But they. You know bet that the wind might pick up but yet they also had by the court we will stop I'm you know I'm surprised I thought yesterday was probably going to be the day earth. But their sport again the wind did couple little boy that that baby was at its beta. But you know it's going to be tough. And score around our better any danger to predict a photograph about it. He's out Meyers senior writer golf digestion it got kills the home of the US open where yesterday. Just four guys in the reds' Scott Peterson Ian Poulter Russell Henley and Dustin Johnson let's use him for example since he's the number one golfer in the world. What was Dustin Johnson able to do to get in the red what was he doing that other guys were not. Well you know our job in his body known as the bomber course any hit wanna walk dictator in. But yeah real showcase just incredible all around game being cute and aboard the world without being coated everything and certainly acting. All these other aspect of the game often get overlooked your decision potter. You've got a very good short game but he really showed battle yesterday. I think that you may deter you were still under fire only hit every green. Bill if you look at 39 agreed to regulation to wonder if I didn't get a that particular at a US open word that often so typical scramble but. Showed up the great short game obviously that bunker shot eight being the highlight hole that you can't. Talent that's happening but although I don't think the whole shot at least one around at least the last week about what that walk up vehicle but. They'll like it I think it's all around game has been under rated I think he's very good in the way it. I think he learned so much how to you know strategizing king played better in what just pulling driver on all week long hole. You know that played safe when he needed to iron off the heat. And then again just how to scrambling to follow up on the court dealt. You know a tremendous start for him especially when he's how many of these other. Marquee guys got the such terrible start it really put into the great position is a huge bigger now they get a spot to do they ever going forward. Alex our poll question is was yesterday interesting golf. Or bad golf as someone who covered the sport I did take yesterday. Well I'm a little by I have always loved the US open I always. A lot of it is my favorite target of the oddest thing you know last year what they return when they heard Eric Milton. Nothing that looked up at the root for the extra number or living like I really I don't want it open to get back looked like. But yeah Google the bastard you had. You know that you're Zach Johnson won. You could pull our people and what packet going out about their that would start to get the excitement back and wrap it did it. The report so the US open I would. These guys struggle. You know I'd go. Being for the casual thing and it's not as blood although into the capital and maybe play a little cada. Instead the dive in and does he would these guys. You know if you don't struggle oil but I think for what the week whatever it is. It is on the watch I think it is interest thing and they don't just showed you evolve toward an issue to eighty. You know people are asking the public spot handicap or would you shoot I mean the way outbreak. But we know what they'll. Oh sure there are no but don't you can't get over our new Buick dot he'll break under a self help but as I did it on the. Our rights we have all these guys Rory and eighties beef in 788 Mickelson is 77 since so many guys had a bad day yesterday. Who was in contention who's out of contention right now. Well you know you would think that all on your holy out of contention back thinking about it but I need. If somehow. A Oak Park scoreboard we've determined that certainly not out of row possibility. You know even a guy like beat the tigers eight over. If somehow out of that the that you make sure you wonder for into the next three days get back to tool. I guess they have an outside chance I still think that the winning score. Will be somewhere around one or two under par exactly effecting any of those guys who shot. I've been there have been a war are our web. But but I shot 75. Certain 74. You know it just it promises that the war. I shot out of it you really think so. The score itself you have the possession wise that. While we struggle. The fact that no one was able to host the number even that duck the when he got 300 point. I had a two under dungy thought he might shoot 6760. Didn't quite get it done either. You know of course but but because nobody at separate themselves. I'm really open it up for Honda guys aren't they do it with it and shot today they'll feel like this very wonderful hour. Alex great stuff that protest against. Enjoy today hopefully not to win burn to fight him on Twitter at Alex Myers three and golf digest and golf digest I count outs were doing against you appreciate you man. Early on that you've got his outs Myers of golf dodges on the deed Mercer wrote cleaning up my.