Interview: Andy Bitter (6-20-18)

Wes McElroy
Wednesday, June 20th
Andy Bitter of The Roanoke Times discuss Josh Jackson being cleared of his academic problem and now moving forward to the 2018 season. 

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Josh Jackson. His status those remain the same Virginia Tech but whatever this academic issue that made the news. The put his standing in question reportedly has been cleared up nothing official by the school but. Source telling Andy bidder the road of times that he has been cleared and he will remain with the program. Any better of the road at times the Hokies beat writer joining us now on the indeed Mercer rug cleaning hot line. Any or questions about an issue do we know what the issue was. I'm trying to have a sense of what the issue is but don't really. Feel comfortable in reporting of what it is that I got background but. I can say about that situation like about Alexander where there's sort of a cut and dry heat academically ineligible. Yeah I I beat the result of this Jackson. Equally into the academic data that a lot of people black college has swept it under the rug ya I don't feel like that the police sort of understanding of the facts of the case. This is a situation where he egos somewhere and indeed got related situation and that's probably the reason his back on the team by the I don't think it really met throughout stuff like that. Certainly through the honor code system. Guys and make sure you sit back on the team was he ever off the team was status always the same thing exactly what was going on in the past. Three or four weeks. Our fourth please be my partner would never suspended delighted with the team and he continued his work out their real shot he reported on this. In the early going say it is definitely suspended. That you don't do not seem to work out than usual he'll let access. To the facility and everything like that it hit the they have the academic that they were looking into while you can continue your thought it would program as usual. You sit there reporting and this this started bubbling up to the surface an and got out there and that had he reported on the his dad taught. How does this get out there why did this get out there because most academic measures are usually kept very quiet usually kept confidential. They are out there from Russia birthday night I think before that came about where I mean I heard it from. Or Thai people Thai deputy directly itself. Obviously this has been talked about in some way. I don't know in front of the tees where exactly what political wise it spread quickly. And it was credible to a degree. Yeah I have heard about a third at night I'm trying to check on it did report the news came out Friday. I did not happen for awhile on Friday that I did not hear. And output sure whether it was an academic matter what he's had a lot of stuff like that and then you keep people out there reporting that he definitely suspended. Our report to they're still up there by the way which were never true. Throughout the entire case. And maybe not it's. If this situation where it is kidnap academics that both would be you know yeah I indicated that a quarterback privately. Held to the program where people are talking about stuff like that. Gary been adjudicated the court of public opinion Europe told they had this reporter at the whole way it'll play played out but. You'd never bet that they cleared adopted your name on the team. Got chip and I guess that earlier it was just something it wasn't a nothing it was a something. But in your bitter reporting this morning that whatever it was he is being cleared and under pressure I have this right. You're not seeing any other ramifications not like the suspension or anything mrs. Cleared he'll be good to go. I guess I I asked if there's any suspension hurt it sort of suspension hanging over his head possibly. Or that he not been told now. So the outcome Puerto stayed on Labor Day night I would expect him to the starting quarterback. And bitter the Roanoke times joining us and yet mentioned earlier that when this came out and I'm sure you saw this maybe got some as well. It was kind of the blow back of hey you know whatever happens will be fine it's not that big a deal. You know this this team that will be better off without Josh Jackson and I was eight surprised by the vitriol because Josh Jackson. Has always been professional seems like a good kid is never done anything knuckle heads edit understand the angry and nasty. Abbott I was surprised by how the the 5 that I am getting is people are very. Quick and very easy to cast Josh Jackson's side. Yeah it's still just despicable that the that the vast majority of center very excited about the news I think that this segment that look at him go it's the hate each 658. That there are 1440. I know kind of struggled at the end of the year against really good competition they don't is that the real quarterback that he did that implementations are an athletic standpoint they're gonna go at him from Serbia and that's. Outstanding quarterback. I ate out I think at a ridiculous. So people can debate that he the only Greece should potential director Brett when he did get better. I don't think that the case at all that he had a lot of room for improvement that they operate the offense very well that's what he could be big right within the group. Understanding and eat that food and that some people that are gonna get and that they'll they can improve that much but I think yeah. I said since really we came back from the Camping World ball my biggest question is is there another level I've. Is that they don't think he get there it is one of note is there another level and cities got to run offense and be better. We're specifically do you see that Josh Jackson's GAAP to be better in your number two. You know I think the deep ball that was definitely one thing I mean you saw. A lot of open passes there especially making it wearable way to picky overthrew. Everybody got down field. I think there are a couple or a one but that earlier report that they've. You know if he had that big plays some of those law that they champion of the year are completely different and it's not like you were on reasonable roads and they were there. I just wrote that he probably should do about it I think he could be bad. Playing within the structure of the what they saw that he'd seen all sort of quarterback succeed. Over the years culminated this law that built for the quarterback to succeed he does make the play that he spoke to so. I think he does that bucket typically. Not necessarily have to make these you know standout play that makes sports editor of the flight back I think that's where you can really see a level of improvement with them. Solitaire on on this one I got daddy duty today that now that this Josh Jackson matter seems to be resolved. The biggest mystery of the biggest concern you have about this Virginia Tech team is why. I think it quarterbacks. See you lose that dark Alexander nearly wet pet food in the same Bayer that's when they now do the same day. Let two possible starting quarterbacks don't really have any experience back there. Look at that the depth chart that they can they be healed our lead the desktop canary director Brett political play this method cal football. You know beyond that bond equivalent tighter rockers try to walk all nobody complained that these guys have not really played in the game. That historically been a position where Virginia Tech put a lot of rector of those guys who put them on the island. I don't give them hell. I can't withdraw their Neal did. Yet thrown into the fire either ride the occasionally get burned a lot in the that they that's been that the overall be that how global gag you because it's. At a certain point that they are getting it done yet we give them more help that sort of moved away from the whole basis of bud foster's. Record deep and so. I think until they resolve that part of guys they can track recorder that would be the the big issue that is the target insert the year. And he's got a good piece of now Roanoke dot com the the schedule the Hokies schedule toughest games ranked in order you can find it Roanoke times Roanoke dot com Andy knows a busy morning boy appreciate your body. I feel any better on the a deed Mercer rug cleaning hotline.