Interview: Bradford Burgess (7-12-18)

Wes McElroy
Thursday, July 12th
Former VCU guard Bradford Burgess joins Wes to talk life after VCU, where he's been playing since and returning to The Siegel Center to compete in "The Basketball Tournament." 

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It's. This weekend there will be a reunion of sorts you got 72 teams made up of former college basketball players that we playing the basketball tournament. TV seeing the south region will be played bad fifteen on Friday. And then Saturday and Sunday at the single sign there and that will include the rim nation team. Which is made up of former BC basketball players as well as a couple other Virginia athletes. And one of the founders players and coaches of this TBT team ran nation. Is BC great Brad Bird is joining us on the indeed Mercer rug cleaning hotline. Bradford good to have you back on that now I. Under for a murderer. I think the last time I had you on the show you said that the big boot on your foot was it was at the killings does that put it was the killer. You're hurt you're hurt by out and you came back this year. And to join a team and win a championship in the DBL the Dutch basketball league how is the recovery from a killings probably one of the more significant injuries I imagine you sustaining your career. Yes. It was you who are remote. You know the biggest and the other is going to record. Our new drug you know and I've been able to play basketball. As not being able to do a lot of things where with a big boom afoot. I'm just gone through a rigorous three and can't get my vote back about frustrate. A little hard but you know it wasn't anything that hasn't been able to do. They would serve to come back and be able to play again after. Month on month so actually. Goes it's an eleven month. And I among them to play again and be able Coke can return here. When you said rigorous there you could kind of give us a few details I noticed about this couple weeks ago with DeMarcus Cousins bogey cousins style with Golden State never saying. How sometimes influential on a career the Achilles can be to a basketball player what was so rigorous about the recovery. And spirit have been able to learn how to walk again you know yeah there. Pretty much didn't or there or left of Trout you know the majority of your time that you can't walk. He's basically after I read read future so I don't walk you repeat of around than in those those who. The proper technique down. Now that is getting back in to say. You know you'd conclude gain weight after. I agree like to get back into shape and lose weight. Out of Colorado lottery have early morning six billion. Oh draw audio. Lotto Lotto weightlifting and in my arm strength back and you know it was a lot but it is what I wanted to do a lot of work. If the break here. Something that I had it. It's pretty humbling when someone says I had to learn how to walk again I want in my legs Bradford Burgess win this part of the tournament team and and just Omar. Question about this to come back to you your dad did you got the chili's you play ball overseas. What's the fueled it keeps you playing the game what keeps you wanted to come back and keep playing basketball professionally. Com and it could go over to gain. I've gained so much from is the best organ. Aren't too much testing so much a bit of people or wrote. You know I've I've done they have it never would imagine. These guys are just because the basketball. And I've experienced so much because the game and he that is that marijuana be improved to lose their filter to leave the game. You don't know my own terms and. Do you inhibited. Have led drivers. That pastor and his determination to give back and to be able to play again than it is to be able to do. Argo about artifact. Rapper birds as well as from the rim nation team coming off his. Dutch basketball league championship over the Netherlands. Since take me through this this is the third year for a the ran nation team in the tournament the tournament itself is going into its fifth year. So Matt Shelton I colleague of mine who you know he calls you and Jodie says. You call it UN Joey Rodriguez ought to tell you guys about the tournament after the first year apply and start telling you about it he told me is that we. We had to get a team we had to be in this so Matt calls you and Joey up what's your reaction when he says I wanna get a bunch of BC basketball players back together again. Com you know out of a percent for. I have talked to. They would respect in years years the second year term in person you know next year we should have a team. You know that this is that have done return you know we look forward to discover opportunities we're. Guys like you know we belong to our. Planning Europe you know our our strong in the term don't dispute that but. Terms you know through the program trying to get the guys back together. And it just took place presumptive. You know he the India the years have gone on determine their own. Our that money has has gotten bigger. Sponsorships. TV coverage. And you know that this great or for other. To have it back in his seat a senator cheers this. He after seeing and I you never would think it's he'd be playing in the seats and Eric in four or meaningful game. It it is. It's related to an. So excited for first Saturday to be able to play it backwards it is very hit it out of our operative term there are currently down. And everybody is it's going to be a very good event there are. Answered grade point and think about that way you think they're on senior night this is a great run it was a great ride but you're right for that for you for years. 2011. Final four run New Jersey forever hangs in the rafters the Segal center. So not only do you guys get to get back together again but you do it if you're gonna do it in front of the hometown crowd 'cause I imagine. Is that well there's a whole lot of black and gold for you guys in Charlotte I can't imagine what that was gonna like Saturday when you guys to being caught. Exactly and you know less. I act can't put mum mum on the right and put the word right now meant there's. Excited I am I know they've got hurt started you know everybody's talking about a Stanley and talk about it. And you know I've everybody in the city and talk about it and you know where we're not expecting an awful. Awful so a lot of us feel better but it. Are you know we know what happened some. Some pretty rowdy rounds ban them there and it is just going to be a great experience and I am I just can't wait. Brad Burgess I imagine the film is talking about seeing it's you put your brother Eric Maynor brand around Zell Melvin Johnson. And a cruel to others the rim nation team for the tournament the basketball tournament this weekend starting at Benedict seen on Friday. And Siegel senator Saturday and Sunday allowed the two rounds there. Has the starting five been decided on yet Brad. Not known by. Men Friday who gets to make that who gets big that final decision. That that vote go to and in I mean Marco last year you know like Egypt earlier this year. So. That that's out of my control. Well you know start or not I know everybody on the aura ago. I think it's such a cool concept that they came up with this for the tournament I think it's great you guys have a team in this year. You guys are stacked man came it see it Saturday night 8 o'clock Segal center Brad you know laws enjoy target where if you can be good to see you back on the floor at the student Saturday. I appreciate your time and Brad verges if your VCU fan and you wanna hear real fun out last night and Brad joined me. There is the is Eric Maynor brand and Ras Al mot I only Cox July. A designated cheerleader and a group because well he's got getting ready for colts' training camp right now. BA Welker all join us on the Mike Rose radio show that hour is up at fox sports Richmond dot com. Also on our FaceBook page you're BC ran Fannie and yet. When I go way back machine it was a lot of fun last night a Buffalo Wild Wings in Westchester commons.