Interview: Brian Boucher (5-25-18)

Wes McElroy
Friday, May 25th
Brian Boucher of the NHL on NBC discusses the Stanley Cup Finals, the two goaltenders and if the Golden Knights winning would be a bad thing for the NHL.

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Joining us right now as we get ready for game one on Monday that's Robby Robby what's not to know wrestled for me caps and the Vegas golden knights. Joining us now on the former NHL goalie now and it's on NBC analyst Brian Boucher who. Eight years ago helped the flyers back to the Stanley Cup finals in a Brian let me start here because. This is cats country people are buzz people are excited. As a player what are you remember coming back to a city to an area and just feel that atmosphere when you're team is going to the Stanley Cup files. It's dead. If it on the as a as a hockey player of the most fun you'll. The buzz that around the city the weather's nice the people are outside their jacked up but to watch hockey. It says it the great it's a great time a year and if you inexperience going deep into the playoffs and having the opportunity to go to is that like a final. As a player. And Hispanic that you could that mean it really special. But special moment you guys know it doesn't happen every year. But a long time since you've been in the situation but I'm sure. Have been very excited the players hurt by it and it took part time. The point. I love picking goalies brains about other goalies you got to award winning goalies in this series. How do you see brain hoping and Marc-Andre Fleury because this year Britain hope he was not the vezina trophy goalie. And Marc-Andre Fleury out of Pittsburgh here he is back in the files how do you view both of these goalies and the and the career twist that they've had this year. It. It's interesting for mark Carter weary out there with them. Remarkable season I think. You know you have to deal with a little bit angry at them I am and I'm always period of guys return from injury. You know that you can get their level played to a two little high level when they come back to always difficult when you met on your timing law. Amid your conditioning not quite there are. But really when you look at where his body work all in the long awaited spend at a higher level you know from day one and he's coming into the corporate bit. Prefer or expansion franchise than mean great demeanor yet tremendous athletic than the great goaltender the guy below him in the locker room. Any carry that play into the planet it play in the playoffs. There hasn't banned a better goalie in the post he's in the market under wearing the big reason why they will be playing for the Stanley Cup start Monday. And the Brady hope these. The at this situation where this is this the story that happened to a lot of goalies in a lot of mobile realizes but you know you hit a bump in the road. You've had a nice little run and you get a little bit of adversity and you've got to see how guys. Respond to that adversity and I think breed cold be handled it with clout he handled it as a true pro. You recognize that you know what I got back up partner they're doing heck of a job. And playing well and the coaching staff had to make some tough decisions and start a diet is part of well out of the blue bar that maybe give them a better chance to win. Oprah did not Powell eating complaining more than a nine team player he just simply. We're back to the drawing board got a practice time that you needed. He waited for his opportunity. And when he came in you've ready and it's a great story about you don't have a net. Do you know remain as routine guy and not go walk on on your own canyon and in. And be destructive it evolved you know remaining focused knowing that we get your opportunity got to be ready to play. And he's done just that and so both these guys are intriguing stories should be on the watching upon. He's that over a dozen years in net in the NHL heals the NHL's modern record for the longest shut out streak of 332 minutes. Brian Boucher from the NHL and NBC was this on fox sports ninths and right I understand sports talk radio business and sometimes I feel like we're now I'd have nice things we got to ruin everything. I've been I've been thinking all year long the Vegas golden knights of this great story and I've enjoyed it I even adopted them in a certain way and now. Now summer telling me it's a bit look for the NHL that an expansion team got here than expansion team could win. I'm not buying it here of but what do you think of an expansion team making the Stanley Cup finals is it a bad look for the NHL. Now I don't into the bout look whatsoever I figured. I did Cinderella story I mean if anybody saying that this is the situation that would happen to. Every Spansion in that would come in in the NH so going forward is it's foolish I mean there's a lot of a lot of forces at play that you know allowed it seemed fit and up where they are today. I think it the wonderful story. I think it's great for hockey. I think you know look I think in the in the Al west now you've got people that are. Excited about the game. And you're pretty expansion teams sometimes the league a long long time decree that and then I played in Phoenix. I know what it's like that that almost four years there and I know what it's like. In how difficult it is to get and then beat. The bottom line is that we need. Phelps you know a lot of those and the move you know there may be moved to those years there in the south what they're they're. End of may be other teams from the national hockey maybe they'd look in Chicago limited growth in Detroit moved through that area. And their fans of the red into the black art when you win. Did become fans of the biggest overnight you know and that create a mandate and a bar and I think it's great for the league I think if anybody is upset about the save golden night. Mean is there a cup final I think it's because they have the you know there's sour grapes there about thirteen not being. In the final. And I that you just getting it got them a better sense that the job of scouting. Making sure that they pick the right. Players that they want their team embedded players. And they've got these guys for body and inflated opinion to me that and thought to. It's a man. I let it roll on this one how much. I don't know voted do tale of the tape and who's the better team at home ice advantage does matter you know this how much does it matter between these two teams especially the way the capitals have played on the road. Cool that the very questions. Because they think there don't buy it in Vegas and I think there is. You know. An element of of calm moment that that the biggest play with that hole in that and that energy that they there by manic apps have been really good on the it. In these playoffs. An and I think the trend in play out that the road team is. A fair amount of success. And I think there's some detail because. You know there are no distractions you are together that if we can be more like. They let quote there and take your business as opposed to them maybe worried about you know. What type of game you want a player this style player citing doubtful that you want or what it's about. Getting the job done and I think I I always enjoyed playing on the total player all of but this is going to be a real intriguing series you know. I just think from an element of style played that the in the Alley that that Washington. Plays where. I think it's gonna be something altogether new. Or the biggest overnight the LLA physical but they didn't have the speed they're they that bit of a blended. Walk all Winnipeg had to decide at the speed but I think they were a little bit tired. There's the whole little animal that big is the deal with you know that one of the best in the world and for the hour is basically where it. It's gonna be up acquitted of for the out going to be able managing the pressure and speed the biggest plays with. I think it's going to be a long series I don't know how to play out but it is going to be a long period in any opinion on peers toward leopard you've always been that being. Role in this in this. Serious as bush enjoyed watching as a player really enjoy watching is a broadcaster thanks again for doing this appreciate it. You about all the time thank you guy Brian Boucher joining us from the NHL on NBC if I'm Brian on Twitter at Brian Boucher. 33.