Interview: Brian McNally (5-21-18)

Wes McElroy
Monday, May 21st
Brian McNally of joins Michael Phillips to preview Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals and discuss how the Capitals can force Game 7. 

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Our next guest writes the DC sports capital. We have overcome our technical hurdles here we thank him for joining us a Brian McNally Brian what's up a morning. Michael what but are you don't our port question of the day Brian. Up 50%. Of our audience says it is good which also means 50% of the audience says. Back I know where your company. But you would get it and they do about it Q. I. I think the problem is geographically where we are I think if you did this poll in your neighborhood if it would actually be a 101%. For good. If we'd better be 100% it's not we can't win an issue there'd be an issue is ballot box stuffing. I've been in big if you're not read DC sports capital branding Nellie brings that and has brought it every day this captain bold series and what what what happened there that is especially game four. The capitals played so well. Nine did not come away with a winning game five there were the worst sports of that seems like Tampa's really found a way to foil them when it matters. As the they're just a terrible start a mean game five on Saturday night into the open goal nineteen seconds into the or lion Alex let in on the ice. Into the top defensemen on the eye to the to the bad start Michael would not. In you going to big gains and Eric. Renewed everything correctly your beliefs plans and all the and your cheek and 1819 seconds and it's and not a good situation so. And that they advocate that a better start and I. But can't candidate playing really well with the lead and when they got that the last couple days and let the bleeding. So at all. And that crippled in the huge that they can't fall behind again make it happen kind of pressure creek in the building. When your feet and is on the line. And you fall behind one or two nothing we I mean he's been that in years. You've you've been building not a nuggets situations so they don't. Get that the other figure out a way to have a better start. And match whatever camp is hampering which I assume will be a lot here in nearly knowingly consent at. Maybe to capture a little bit out of gas and and and then one at that look at the way now and not worry about it sent. Yeah are premature obituary because your member of the Columbus series and certainly you know this postseason has been a very unpredictable wind. But but if they don't come out of this the winners of Tampa take is one of these last two. What what's yours what's your season obituary here is it they finally overcame that hurdle and beat the penguins or is dead. They. Yeah I mean that it would probably be in east L one game short and then it you know the word or two that builds. Yet. Right and so it I mean this thing has been built to win they've always been dealt to win even with the disappointment that. How flat the last two years ended and all that an adult ticket can make them feel any better. Even if you don't. The fact that people before the seat and work expecting him to get this far. An effective for the ticker C series probably few people picked them to win that. I don't think that matters that much it's it's gonna feel it'll feel a little bit hollow which mean you can't say you can't say one of those. Not a great team in Egypt and the you'd be negative but. At the same time Blake. It's there's going to be disappointment and inspect and backdrop nothing on the road that can tolerated well that it'll it'll go in the end. Another disappointing loss and and you totally understand that. Absolutely vital in our DC sports capital it is about to date they were booed at home I get why they were bit the power play wasn't working. Are we sleeping on how good Tampa is though this a good. Good hockey team. I think they're adapting a leak lately weren't the first. Two months of the year was all about how pure example was out dominant where. And it kind of to be honest they kind of coasted the rest of the season and. You know that's up to played great division. You know Toronto and Boston actually seen you could argue three of the top. And those pictures seventeen delete played in the Atlantic Division so Tampa posted the delta and really really good. Competition in that division. In a way even even tacitly the pretty good division until the last couple years have not at that level of them. A competition and so. Tampa is really get it is one of the best teams in the league. I'd argue investing in the league and you know the caps. An overwhelming underdogs but they had to me were underdogs coming into the acting got opted to go up and start was kind of shocking and jarring at the time. And now you're gonna camping and maybe swing back. Two closer to eat in and read and not been done but if it can be difficult for them to two pulled it out certainly I think they'll win tonight. I'm not sure that it going to be legal and Tampa and and pull this out. What what a novel on amazing concept of team does very well in the regular season co coast to the finish line and it still finds a way to turnabout for the playoffs but the music. I I hope to some inexperienced team like that that's sounds like a lot of fun she's O'Brien McNally DC sports capital. Ted tells but the site and how people can get on the section. We actors who have sport capital dot com and get and GT sports Satan started up in late February. And the body type gadgets. And then standing vote both government and capitals. And that and wizards who got all and the confidence where you. All kinds of right point if you wanna check it out per month he can do that much without war. For a couple of months do you view that as well we're at a lot of fun with it it's it's been. They didn't expect so far in debt and hopefully people are doing it and who. See between keeping role in another couple days with with hockey is not a lot. We'll move on to baseball and we've got red incident you know not too far away at this point you can you can see training camp on the right. That'll hopefully check it out the sport capital dot com and. And he would if you like we're doing here. If you close your eyes you can feel the humidity of training camp suffocating your irony. Brian Moehler representing the great state of Maryland forests on this post preakness day healthy tonight. Yeah all right Brent ignited sports capital.