Interview: Bronco Mendenhall (7-19-18)

Wes McElroy
Thursday, July 19th
Virginia Cavaliers Head Coach Bronco Mendenhall talks with Wes at ACC Media Days and discusses his comments to the Board of Visitors, his reasoning behind them and the upcoming season and future of Virginia football.

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On this Thursday morning talk in some college football from the ACC kick off. Brought to you by telling you it's eleven attorneys on staff there for you in any case. Joining us now he's the head coach going reduced thirty year in Charlottesville. Bronco Mendenhall witness on fox sports 910 boys start over driving back to our previous conversations we talked about the Harley rides to talk about the surfing. The horse is anything new this. Past offseason coach. You are nothing new other than it's the right after the surf trip this year was in Montana and a combination of a fly fishing mountain biking which is also. Part of what I love to do so. That would be maybe a new topic for us we haven't talked about the well whenever the fly fishing start. Sort of BYU and noble river it was about ten minutes from my office. End. So that opportunity was always there my middle son breaker he he started have a passion for fly fishing and as as a dad. My interest are to be shaped by what my kids like and so what's he started to have an interest then that meant that I started at an interest in the lead something he uniting together to pretty fun. I've already said this to Jim Dave you're sports information media relations director got to get you on the Travel Channel I. Even better than when the AC networks start so we need to get zero and showed us just hit the road was brought down the he's Bronco Mendenhall where it is now also the all season. You had your state of the program the board decisions made a lot of headlines and I I admit. It was one thing to read it he was another thing to hear the audio. Why now. What wasn't about this all season that you whites who approached the board of visitors in to protect the feedback to each weekend. So come taxi wasn't my wasn't. My request to address the board of visitors come I was asked. I'll buy our athletic director and I'm not sure if the board of visitors ask her. To have you address them but anyway I was asked to present to the board of visitors and sold it. And I took the disease an amazing opportunity to present exactly. Knowing I'm accountable for the board exactly where I believe the program is. And was on that day at that time so everyone knew from me as head coach not anyone else and and not through any other lenses. But as the head football coach at you CA. Where we are. Possibly why were there what are we gonna do about it and as a board member of those are things I wanted to know so my intent was to talk to the board. Given the clear authentic and precise few. From the head coach to see where the program is maybe what to expect and their feedback and need. In every case either through text or letter or call plus how appreciative thankful they were for the candor. And and that was my attempt. I started thinking more about it when I heard it because I was like nearby night at my eyes pop when it was 247 EC players. And I don't know if I would use the number I am a 100% agree with you about the scheduling scheduled for wins and not doing you speak for college football playoff. I guess my ultimate take away it was look you let this opportunity to set the record straight you could go up there and give him smoke in total how green is gonna beat you got a roomful of decision makers and power players with money and delayed on the line there and I think if you need to be real and honest. We'll what I what I want is. I took this job. The build a significant. I'll program that is consistent winner. Based on principle but did things the right way with the amazing kids amazing students and also showed yet she can win a lot of games that way too. Be in the post season every year I went in the post season. Arm and along the way there has to be benchmarks and just be accounting for what's happening in Seoul. A year two we made it back to post season. Competent learn how far away we are still of winning in the post season without now hopefully is addressed in years three read my job is to accelerate the growth curve as long as possible. But also make it clear what obstacles are in our way what challenges doesn't mean we can't overcome them. But what has to happen and if I was a board member party make a decision unless you know exactly what you're deciding. Would you you know this better than I but it's an arms race out there it's an arms race in college football. What is being your interaction when you sit down and talk with the new athletic director Carl Williams what are you saying Virginia needs this to succeed going into the future. You know what's been really refreshing about a athletic directors she's just coming from the University of Georgia and the teams that participated in the national championship game. What's been really refreshing is for her to seek and this is what we need. And I really haven't haven't BV initiate the Nittany initiator when I was first hired to alleviate my opening press conference. I made a statement on about a new building. Fans. I still believe. That that would be helpful to our program I'm accountable to win and an anxious to win and be responsible for the outcome of the program no matter what. On the but what that would do the efficiency of the teaching them. Cleaning up the message how fast and how effective we could be within the timeframe we're given in division one football with the new hours with the new week. But also the symbolic. Nature of the football's important than the attraction of new players come almost seems to be helpful. So whenever that happens I'm in support of in the meantime what Carla has done is she simply has said. In relation to personnel for recruiting. These are more positions which you can give in terms of strength and conditioning DC or positions which you've been given. In terms of summer school a distant. And so she's just gonna ticked off these things are marked off these things along the way in terms of infrastructure. They get us to do our best chance of palm to compete in the ACC for the long haul. And which has been so refreshing because again I'm not the one lobbying. Com. She has come with a clear idea in relation to what exceptional football looks like it's an exceptional support it looks like. And it's it's funded work for someone like that. And eluded to this series Bronco Mendenhall going into his third year in Charlottesville debate coach of the University of Virginia. If you and I were sitting down in the film room and watched price Americans. As a coach would you tell me to watch out for what's special about this guy. I don't think god has really have to tell you anything I think the only just come on man and you would say it all. OK I can. He's a dynamic athlete the room. And I'm impressed with all of those things good prices. Also humble and hard working. And very consistent. And so we. Yeah there's a very fast learning curve ball he'll be our starting quarterback. It's my third year but it's his first year. And so about those are two separate expectations. And calm and so the other is a big opportunity for him and that and I'm glad he's with this and just as fast as we can accelerate his growth and development of better will be for all of us. But also not so fast that the steps of the foundational things along the way back and ask them to do more than he's ready for this season you know learning I don't know it's. What was it about and coaches we'll visit visit revealed coaches here. These guys like to make is dangled the training camp or two week wonder who their quarterback is you know from announcing this spring football. What was it ultimately about a resent this is my guy has he's been my guy going forward. I just it's clear separation of performance. And in moving the football team in spring so I'm love. Merit base coach tried everything dessert yeah and his performance and the numbers. And the al-Qaeda. It wasn't close to who was second and when that happens. Everything about me doesn't say wait for this for some other reason if you have the right people we don't need to leverage had to work hard. Then you announce it and reward them for what they've earned it and then you move forward which is what we've done. I'll let you run on this one last year he gets that sixth win and in the season tails off yeah I'm sure it left the bad taste in your mouth. But now taking the next step what has to happen this year for Bronco Mendenhall to look back and say here's three was easy. Sax yeah it's consistency. At all. So the program. Where we currently are is six wins and getting back to post season. I'm really gratified by YouTube. I was hopeful of you want to leave you after I saw the program. Wish I had my calibrate yeah it happened in your tool which I am thankful for grateful for and encouraged by. Live also showed us after our win person. Georgia Tech. It was interesting because there's still more games to play we qualified for postseason there's none of those kids in the cargo and then. We still have games before. That mentality and that maturity and now finds them and Matt. That new territory. That was a bigger things in life anticipated expected with that team and so we actually were able to get it. A strong performance I thought in Miami and a fairly strong performance against Virginia Tech. But those were kind of blips on the radar is inconsistent and we weren't able to sustain what we were at the beginning of the tinsel. Our program needs consistency. And it needs the reinforcement of it's not a surprise to be in postseason. It's the expectations are known to get their way to win. And nothing new book the word is there's leading Virginia Tech beating Virginia Tech has got to be a priority. I I think it has to be for the University of Virginia to move forward in football and as an athletics department football. Pass to be able to. Enough momentum this builds through winning that game. To then intrigue and recapture. The hearts and minds around our football program and when you consider. The choice of Virginia Tech made bombs like I believe it's 45 straight bowl games for them. Which is the longest in college football none of that accident there was a clear choice and design choices made along time ago but have been supportive along the way. And it's fun to be part of now Peterson Virginia making those design choices changes. Com and hopefully then this happened how come shoulder. And become. Where that game bomb isn't just. There's certainly a win isn't already in place before you play it's people shouldn't be wondering okay what's what's this year. And my job is to develop the program that would produce that result. Always good talking Harley's surfing now the fly fishing and always appreciate honesty coach Randolph baker scored two week one against university Richard Bronco Mendenhall. Becomes the University of Virginia joining us here from the ACC kicked off on fox sports 910.