Interview: Bryan Fischer (8-30-18)

Wes McElroy
Thursday, August 30th
NBC Sports College Football writer Bryan Fischer previews the college football season and talks about his sleeper team and Heisman favorite.

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He is the national college football writer for college football talk on NBC sports. You can also check out Brian Fisher's work as a columnist for Athlon sports and he joins us now on the the deed Mercer rug cleaning hot line. And Brian to use the biggest game of the weekend. He's aware. I think it's well. Pro Olympic in Atlanta. And that's between Auburn wash I think that one more than you know any wonder few. This kind of opening weekend really has the most cause or playoff implications. I think certainly in the loser that is taking a step back in the race you look at Washington in particular not a ton of opportunities for those Huskies got well to. Give those marquee wins this is certainly that the big chance for them. It on the national stage to remain there throughout the gulf oil well reasoned and you know I think what it would opera they have a little bit more chance to get back and things of if they do in Brooklyn in a game but if they when it. I think certainly you're talking about team that there is instantly right there in the toward. It's going to be a threat to make the player that you know year. Interesting point about Washington I thought you probably would have gone Michigan Notre Dame and not get to them in a second the Washington. They win this game that we all know how it ended last year for the pac twelve and it was not good. But they can make a big splash with a win on Saturday especially having that prime time 330 SEC spot if they walk into an SEC opponent when their game. Absolutely I think you know you go back and in the last couple years and even before that with Chris Peterson he's so good in the big time gains at the beginning of the season and I hit it often is difficult to prepare for a obviously it's going to be a focus problem. And has been for the last couple months but. I think it is going to be happening matchup knows this swat team on on paper this is the one that it certainly Chris Peterson that's what he's been up there. In Seattle he got veteran quarterback you've got leadership position. At the skill positions and really one of the better sequences I think west of the Mississippi date they've got guys. At all levels that back and make plays and I think really. I wanted to that a secondary at all mourners. An adult who want so I think can be passed in match up and that's certainly the. Expectations. Of this one are a little bit oversized of that pack well squad but don't discount how much it means stalwart especially given their past history in Atlanta are. I. It means a lot from Michigan and for Notre Dame needs to get together who needs the win more on Saturday Jim Harbaugh our Brian Kelly. Yeah I think if you're looking from a knee is no redeeming National Guard took a better player consider I think to a PDI just because of. The way their schedules that up and having that big marquee win to kind of start the year off is going to be huge for them but and bigger picture it is almost as they've missed and that just because of it I think that narrative it around Harbaugh was with a little bit and it last year. But he did over and over achievable but it is for two years in Ann Arbor but. Your eat eat got a lot of expectations writing on when he tees for the season and when you look at the wolverines on paper I mean I think he's. You can certainly take up a lot of the boxes that you're looking for. In nineteen Mecca now when that they did their division in the Big Ten but when the cops so Rolen and make it to that playoff like it and a lot of those Lleyton will fans what it does feed. When he took over that program so. I think there's a lot riding on it provoked into the you don't need a little bit more. Four Michigan obviously going on the road. In that environment it's going to be fantastic match up between two. Real True Blue bloods and in college football. He's Brad Fischer NBC sports college football talk and also Athlon sports. If I say out of Vegas with a thousand dollars of my money and I gave yet Alabama Clemson in the count football playoff. Or the field to win the national championship idea Alabama Clemson as they duel as as a duo and they give you the field. We've put a thousand dollars on. You know in in most cases some normally I would go with the field type a eighty this year again might have make an exception of what those two in particular event such as. In my mind how much better. Alabama and clubs and art compared everybody else and I think a little bit of it too is is the fact that you have everything that's going on with. Urban Meyer and Ohio State intent and it takes the Buckeyes out of the picture a little bit I think if you look at their roster. An added Urban Meyer engine in its and triples you know without distractions going on. They could maybe be in glancing category because of the depth up there in Columbus but. I'm not anymore and I think you know you look at an Alabama Clemson. I think they're gonna do it in two different ways of thinking you know clemson's defense a little bit better on Alabama could be offered little bit better but. But you look at those two programs they've had six. Success. We seem to meet up three times in a row already and afford for the national title it is like a really truly get back at this point because of the distance that they put. Between themselves and and I everybody else in the country. This time last year just look at the AP top 25 this time last year Jordan was sit there at fifteen and we saw what happened to them by the end of the year. Is there anybody were not talking enough about Brian is there's somebody you guys are trial on to say hey watch out for this team. In November they can be extremely relevant to the college football picture. I think you could look at maybe Stanford a little but just because they do end up playing against emperor and earnings weakness you know and they are not a team obviously talk about them with Washington. Even book one that you know that that's another aspect for them. Do you look at taxes in Kiki was well in the big twelve. I think everybody has kind of pencil in Oklahoma as the favorite but in that league and then they should be but. Yet the end of the day I think you look at at what TCU and Texas spring to the table I think they both have you know very stout sequences that make a lot of difference and that week. I think they both figured out the quarterback position going forward and particularly solid. Topic I think starting or mushy or. They've got a lot of explosive clinic well when guys that stretch the field again you know return kick all the all the things that you want. And I think don't does endorse either I think you look at their schedule at the shapes up well for the although I'm not sure that this team. As constructed news that's really going to be as good at pastors or because. It was so many leadership guys like nick sevens and emotional. But they still horse pretty stacked grate on me optical line obviously got two good options at quarterback. You look at that schedule. Another undefeated run in and make it into the FC title game certainly not been ruled out there America happen. You said Stanford that makes him but I think of Bryce love. I'm highs and voter give me a name to watch out for on highs and watch list not named Bryce love. Yeah I think they're a lot an eagle around the country and obviously can certainly an element of whoever is kind of like diet quarter. And there's going to be so much emphasis on non on to a. And Jalen and whatnot and that's gonna help either guy whoever in that big long term correction especially when you look. What the Crimson Tide haven't one of them. And I don't replace those count marquee matchup until late this season. ID one of those guys and sort of put up some big numbers and get that momentum going into November and delivered. Against Mississippi State. He delivered at all or her arm and we are certainly. Somebody and then in that category that they can make a lot at. And ticket dobbs I stayed in that league. Outside of quite well we don't know one of the best running backs in the country I think. At Ohio State he's going to be guys that that he was only not a lot more I got my weapon there in the backfield to recent Sharon Jerry's is excellent in his own right but Jackie got it because of having to break in a new quarterback because all the. The B issues surrounding think that a blind date and in Kevin Wilson really gonna lean on GG WG gonna put up some monster numbers. In set schedule and again he could be a guy that he's here. It will I just it's right in the thick of the playoff race he's got that that also made to New York as well. Bryant Fisher I'll let you roll on this one lot of eyes around here in Virginia on Virginia Tech Florida State Monday night when you look at the seminoles you look at the Hokies at last count football game in a weekend. What you have your eyes on. Yeah I think he could look at on on both sides and I think it's it's obviously the focus being in Tallahassee and in order state. Just what it does he not look like when it was with Willie Taggart Archie I think everybody cannot salt and kind of go up and down last year and obviously that he didn't want her heart was. Early in that. As well especially those rumors are masterful pressure started creeping in in in really to cold latency and but. I think you know how I was we're gonna come out there are they gonna look at going to be energized. And that's one big event I think I'm on defense and Oki that's in particular no we all. Expect a level greatness from from bud foster's group but. You know we're placing so many guys at each level you know it's going to be certainly do look. Can be a lot of guys kind of thrown in the fire so how are they gonna treat that in Mac and a prime time matchup. In token and you know everything that brings with it so I think it's going to be a fascinating match up than that QE2 in the weekend on. You can read college football everything that you need to know college football talk and Athlon sports Brian. Fisher and on Twitter at Bryan. Brian thanks so much we will definitely do this again through the course of the season happy cal football team man. Absolutely anytime you've got it all guests appearing on the the deed Mercer road cleaning hotline.