Interview: Byron Kerr (07-09-18)

Wes McElroy
Monday, July 9th
Byron Kerr of MASN Sports discusses the Nats' weekend with Wes

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Byron incur a buddy from NASA's sports in mass in sports dot com joining us on the indeed Mercer rug cleaning hotline that started there with Mark Reynolds. But by not ever guy who didn't have a team at the start of the season. Yeah I mean I I really love interviewing him you know obvious because like you BA also. It's such a great baseball what are you so. Honest about how he is doing how you'll about the career. And he was very very lucky and blessed he says to get the opportunity to come back. And played for the nationals and in his joke or Dockery did that the ten RBIs. You know maybe I won't have a job a couple of weeks go out and he's pretty ironic that the way things go and it just. It's so much trying to talk to them because he's he's a genuine genuine article. He is a busy man this weekend including having to pitch yesterday in the ninth inning to help the bullpen. That's think three or four this weekend they got some offense they got some bats against the Marlins yesterday. Too many reminders of the issues that this team has what was your big take away after the corner quote players only meeting on Thursday. Yeah I mean I think it was a good thing undamaged charger to control seemed leadership widely regarded you know they are he made a mortgage statement and then. Got you up gates' supposed to be kidnapped them last night or connect it. We are performance from renal you know you'd think that the players only meeting really help and he's you know would be you do. What you really want to keep that you know what patent fight club. Current if you want that in south and north tell anybody cabinet meeting but I think it's gonna make a difference absolutely I think the way he can count and QB aware they are right now they should be better than that and that was a good start to take three or four against the Marlins and get on the road trip it would they can do. And you know you see what kind of player sure there is on the field obviously. He's showing it with his pitching in another all star. Citation number six and two career. And you know this is what they needed to transport them and hope with the it will. We're looking here at general work and he's just getting banged around GO Gonzales the same Jeremi Johnson since off the DL is just it's not being good. Mike Rizzo he went on got the bullpen help but look Byron unless something changes here that they're gurneys and starting help because this this is not really tax in this bullpen. Yeah I mean I think that the you know catcher was what that we were thinking about either trade deadline. Shouldn't. Pete Wilson Ramos with we think a player out. But doubted you know a starter is definitely have a regular look at because number five auto kind of hanging by thread there. Don't smoke in America. Held the job beat them. The purged a few months of the season and you know that these other guys have not have not don't normally do I don't know what's going all had a lower. He would not what you'd be and that is the major problem. You can relative that you're going to be OK okay you know struggled recently but because. His ability to this curve ball and getting that leaders back. Catcher cam I think he'll be our right but. Four and five or are serious situation after the game and that definitely they'll be something they would look for now arbitrate but like besides. Militaristic culture so it attribute it to a major concern here crediting. You got Madson who looks worn down it can slightest that he pitched five and seven games or since he's back from the DL and maybe could help us out because I love to see him get the reward that he is subdued being in the all star game what do we know about Sean Doolittle toe. You know he's economically make the all our all our our game we've harper and what church they're returner in the final vote broke. Now well deserved for did little to the clothes were torn in two. Days you don't nice job and Davey Martinez is a strange I was not gotten to be concerned about. But in terms of any injury would go a player. We don't talk about shoulder and elbow but it pure planting with that tango and pushing off with that now that that's scary. The bullpen has already beleaguered and fatigue. And use that time here in the last week or so so I got to be very very careful shot Poodle because he'd the most important part of all of Bernard and closer Serbia until it's. It is so scary but Davey Martinez says it appears to sound like not a big deal but I you know I'm always concerned about but like. He's buyer occur Masson sports Massa sport stack on as we can read his daily writings about this Washington Nationals ballclub who'll be now on the road for the next seven days as Major League Baseball moods and gets ready for the all star game festivities I know it's still week week and a half out but. This is this big then this is the Major League Baseball focus the attention is going to be on DC got the home run derby got fans Bessie get the all star game. What are you most excited about next week buyer. And finally get Bryce Harper you know back in the home run derby on its home Turk if you will as a routine anyplace for that a special. Future and we hear you mention that he really wanted to be able to approach them again. So that will be nice and look. Essential golf via the city to. Let navy yard would. Just like Chinatown before. And the other thing that was built I mean it was. It was a deal maybe building and. Couple of further cement plants that he would to dusty mess here in a couple of holocaust ever get a closer river on the part of bill wouldn't expect in 2006. So. There's still going to be unfortunate and clean out now and what are called the transformer crying out there are still going to be out there. But it would Mark Gardner so many great work on a public health now. The the united showcase the united in the we'll open. Note three days according altered and so. It's a part of DC that. Maybe people just use force the industrial complex. That will now be supplement will be replaced the people wanna come to so that's that's really great city. You have bad guys beginning on Friday I'll be up there I hope our paths cross saw she attacks and a weekend can meet up here. As we get ready for the 2018. All star game the first nationals and pirates tonight not a hundred opening for solid starting pitching to the bullpen needs that aren't thanks so much but it would. I'll apologize to get out of breath here are actually had called Q what are bathing suit. Are in the shop. I'm a multi cap Caribbean are good at getting my current baiting here for a swim practice. Eating and exercise and talk to whip up public record gap. Now you're gonna actually that's that's a round of applause I guys multitask and I don't know Monday morning. Thank aren't you all and into your son to look at some practice. Artery banks' audience by anchor joining us from mass in sports guy Communist acknowledge the Big Ten and also a dual ACC work. Which. First of all Byron brought to you on the.