Interview: Byron Kerr (5-17-18)

Wes McElroy
Thursday, May 17th
Byron Kerr of MASN Sports talks about the play of a top Nationals prospect and the injury status of Adam Eaton.

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Rain rain washed away knowing that game with a suspending game before it no baseball last night and that's part however. I still want to talk baseball with buyer anchor for mass sports you can read stuff Massa sports dot com. Well so the voice of GW basketball he's joining us now on the good deed Mercer rug cleaning hotline. I felt kid like Byron I had this the calendar circle especially when they announced the pitching staff was adjusted it was going to be scherzer on Wednesday night and then. It not be any baseball yesterday kind of a bummer up there. Yeah I mean you wish that it was sunny. What a match up which church or against a lefty PCs that you're not only that but the two hottest teams in Major League Baseball mean it would ensure. The Yankees and the nationals threshold before ripping sweep of the Diamondbacks and the Diamondbacks had the best Urquhart a NL or. DC arrived so it was also. It up to be a little nuts about the two heavyweights received no who was the best right now in the middle today. And unfortunately mother nature's beating Martina there's an error yesterday at all. Go to the weather you know whether or not required. And they banged up pretty quickly we got there you know about an hour shall have talks with Avian they put up on the board that they were gonna move. Probably the dispel the game but the game that was supposed to be a better era and church of June 18 which is a Monday that they are Arctic. Back here and that's part so they will play the accused June 12 and thirteen in June 18. No matter we hear so we're discussing the whole ball and hopefully it'll be sure you're sabathia or or one of those. Matchups with Strasburg crew when they come around in June. I want to ask you about a meeting and Daniel Murphy status but since we're talking about baseball potential excitement and the rain. Rope in the rain holds off here because Harrisburg senators are in town to take on the Richmond flying squirrels tonight. And I know you've posted about this morning if but if you don't know who won so too is. You better but what what can you tell us about this hot bat comic talent Richmond and I. Yeah I mean I loved watching what's happening with Warren you know a bit of a lot of talk with proper slick. Always in the off season I'm talking to mark that you lava director of player development. Quote coordinators ask the matchup in their subject the last couple years has been Victor rove words and then. That would sum that would bring up Victor rove was. That the coordinators at all period airborne proto. Detroit started dornin more about once so lawyers and you know how does want sort of compare. Victor road work scenario we talk about how. Rob workers of five in a tool are to be type where there can do pretty much everything but the all the little so those Oliver. And I talked to Patrick Stephenson. Patrick Stephens and Patrick Anderson. What happens when you do a seven point five days. Anderson as a manager or pagers club. And you know. Report we could go to his party got a he get a ticket on one so no this is when you've got a long way and hit it up 430. Opposite field home run in Columbia, South Carolina. And you know now he's cute continues to hit the hit that I gave you get a double play. And I put I just figured I'd check those numbers because it goes security airport each hole worst. In the minor league game and that match up with what Bryce Harper had in his career in the minors and you know obviously we're not comparing him to Bryce Harper here but just kind of a look at at what he might be able to do and he's only nineteen years old in the sky's the limit but the fact that he. Hit the ground running at the double A level. You know usually when these guys get to double play west as you know it's the best prospects there and we usually get a brick wall. And he didn't have like pre games against him or he didn't hit but he has hit every single time in the end he is showed great plate discipline. And has been in nature of the strike zone and obviously displaying the power he'll be capable of sorts are well let's get their for the nationals. I'm glad you brought this about it by anchor joining us mass the sports masses were stuck out as we can read his stuff daily. And I know this is lingering it was it wasn't as intensify because beating give both games in but the New York media was try really hard to get to Bryce Harper to talk about its future and our pursuit began a year he's he's just not going there. But this is where you get to the conversation of if harper would leave some people think this organization's gonna fall the clip that's not the case the formally gets back. And then there's also the question of is if harper would stay. Exactly what what are you bringing up around him in this organization and you mentioned cobbled lanes near roadways so tell. I'm now god check out open the race day lag and travel this week and some open to see Soto tonight at the diamond 635. But why have you. You know you posted as well current stats what what's going on here with Adam Eaton and trying to get him back so hopefully soon. Yeah we just talked to him a couple of days ago when the Yankees had a riot in the had a a pretty heavy looking cast on his left ankle but he was the most positive I have seen eaten since the beginning of the year she's always back current guidance very happy. Very excited even when he was told to rehab last year. He would smile and par five and people as he strolled through. Through the clubhouse. But the last couple weeks had noticed that in his demeanor change you wasn't any good mood. And if you were concerned that may be this picture with the ankle was going to be at a season ending thing or at least a few months start according to what he says Tuesday he says he expects to be back perhaps. Of the season. And that he was getting the cast off on Tuesday which it's obvious a couple of years ago now. Is it really good move so that certainly is positive for Mac fans and for Adam Eaton. Because obviously gets played as much as as it even close to what we are. Wanted to contribute it seems like at the end of April each year he's been out so that's good news for him. I'm I'm guessing probably July. First is that is the good data to look for the possibility of returning. That you mentioned getting a Mercury in Florida. Davey Martinez says he's hoping to get him into minor league games and sort of just in games and what all of beach. So that's also a good sign that the running is not hurting again it would choose the one thing that caused him problems that he could not around first. And continue running the second he got a little bit out of Arizona is doing a lot of that right now and in Florida. So those are two very positives. For the Mets but. Unfortunately I don't think these guys are going to be back for a little while possibly murder people for Abby because even on the sixty day DL it won't be tackled July so. Maybe June sometimes forget at Mercury. So far there hold down the fort thirteen little as fifteen they got the Dodgers come to doubt really masses sports dot com that's extra mess in TV and also check him out on Sundays and our sister station 1067 the fan. Massing Kerr thank you by Dexter doing his buddy appreciate it. All right guys if you have a great week and tell me what you think about one or both are what we're all out of here I'm all we get these clouds you thanks man what an odd check in now.