Interview: Casey Sherman (8-9-18)

Wes McElroy
Thursday, August 9th
Casey Sherman, author of "12: The Inside Story of Tom Brady's Fight for Redemption," joins Wes to talk about Tom Brady's battle back from the Deflategate scandal, how it affected his relationship with his coach and owner and how the story of the Patriots dynasty might end.

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There's always on the talk about with the patriots. Would bring in Casey Sherman he co authored a book would Dave wedge. Twelve the inside story of Tom Brady's fight for redemption. Really behind the scenes account of how the most sensational scandal NFL history culminated in a great comeback. Includes dozens of exclusive interviews of patriot players. Including Tom Brady himself and Casey Sherman joining us now on the head. But let's start with the reaction you got from Tom Brady when you told him you were doing this and you interviewed him. Well you know when your when you. Write a book like this surely have to leverage all of the relationships. Inside four was march level that's really what. Gillette Stadium is. Just South Boston until early in that are impenetrable plays. So we had to really work on relationships that we area. For example would poverty former. Will make more of his best friend Matt Chapman. Matt Chatham was like Beckham but the patriots during three of the each. I ask you dribbles up the patriots at once are we really you know foam the runaway from it's got the questions to Tom Tom had been traveling are quite a bit so. Our communities that's more than a sit down interview taste the paste as well as. Over the Internet via com about technology. This looks back on the placate looks back on the season afterwards. And I eat you cover Tom Brady you guys know Tom Brady I think we'd try to know Tom Brady but as he went to the interviews and even the conversation with Brady. How does that one season how the the season and the fog to placate. How did it change Brady with the team up with management with his relationships. Yeah we're saying that actually continue to unfold right you talk about what what you're looking for in the first preceding game on the alleged insider on the patriots side. You know they're they're not just looking at performance on the field are looking happened nuanced relationship. Are between now Tom Brady and Bill Belichick that relationship. As. Fractured greatly and all of a guerrilla began in the pages on our book twelve Scioscia all. And hauled in you know this continued drama. Are in Foxborough is pretty amazing shall we have to watch out for that. You know where he felt betrayed originally thought not only just coach. But dumb pipe is. I don't. We were given up the legal challenge against the NFL and unfortunately you never told Tom Brady. Among the other people that we interviewed for the book. We spent some time with the NFL PA lawyers. These unsung legal heroes are protecting Tom Brady's. Blind side in the courtroom and in the border and you know to get their perspective on what was going on behind in the seemed all of the our external obstacles that Brady at least you mentioned that. You know bomb duplicate is one of one of the biggest scandal in NFL history. Think about it it's probably the biggest or most sensationalized. Sports scandals and the black Sox scandal 1919. Where you that baseball player is blowing the World Series in in this instance. You a quarterback accused of a deflating for also. You know to compare the two equally is is pretty ridiculous title and the public's mind that was the case all the you know. Attention on the patriots over the past fifteen years is gonna vote. You know they're incredible unprecedented run of success. And also. Allegations of treaty signed in 2007 the patriots were. Scaling error videotaping signals from. Opposing coaches in opposing teams and that was a real major controversy and rightfully so. And bill bella checked in the pay Churchill really didn't justifiably get punished toward that so when. Deflate gate unilateral truce really up minor equipment violation. It was but it became capital murder case where Tom Brady is the prime suspect. Daisy Sherman's where this is the co author of twelve the inside story of Tom Brady's fight for redemption after deflate gate. Let me circle back because a lot of conversation over the past six months. Have been about this power struggle Brady. Bella Jack and Robert Kraft and Jimmy garage below being traded to San Francisco. That the personal trainer Brady but you brought this up and while we're thinking about Brady. And the owner being buddy buddy against ballot check you you brought up a certain story here. Was that the press conference when they arrived at the Super Bowl for Brady just he was irate over Robert Kraft is kinda. Taking the suspension taking the punishment from the NFL. Yes and you know what Kraft did not tell Brady that he was doing that so Brady is watching this unfold on television like the rest of this works. Any big trouble prone to the more slip through his. You executive director of the chemical PA the players association and access. They don't what the plea why am I not getting any support for this so again you feel betrayed. By cracked at the time that we expect. Time with Bob Kraft and his son Jonathan who runs came in that relationship between the order to quarterback has really been repaired. Overtime it culminated last year when the owner forced Belichick's hand. Betrayed the heir apparent Jimmy drop below. How to separate so scope for a second round pick. Palm which completely fractured relationship between the coach and the owner and the quarterback so I mean these. This soccer as brilliant a summary report facts. And the story William fools like a legal for a works but it John Grisham blower in the pages of twelve to even if you're not a hatred then you can certainly you know it be entertained and informed. By this story broke early that dark side of the NFL and we focused a lot of our attention not just on Brady but. Larger could tell what his motive Asians were on you know he's carrying it to Sony in particular we've found a guy that. We do anything to attain power and that any thing to retain that power. Gay sell Iran on this one how do you think any given any thought to how this all ends and when I say this I mean Brady's time a New England Brady invalid Jack and we. We spent the bears. 68 months talk about turmoil which which is crazy because usually turmoil a Super Bowl loss. I usually fuels New England to a successful season but have you given any thought to how it all ends for number twelve. Well I mean it is it is it took only eight years for The Beatles to break up. It's taken eighteen to nineteen years for the patriots to do the same I think. This season. Will be interesting. You know law because they don't have the personnel the patriots don't who are you know we're really. Compete at that Super Bowl level but I say that now. And you know the likelihood is that there he will be representing BA city. Next February and I think if they win the Super Bowl. I think Tom Brady walks away if they don't win I think Belichick might just hang it up because of just tutoring you know frustration with the owner. I'll. Twelve the inside story of Tom Brady's fight for redemption Casey Sherman Texas joining us on the wrote do you buy parking go and awaiting the walking new worrying when you're flying out of Richmond leave your car like guys do. At parking go twelve out and available in bookstores and Now let's mackerel at fox sports 910.