Interview: Chris Russell (5-23-18)

Wes McElroy
Wednesday, May 23rd
Chris Russell of 106.7 The Fan discusses Game 7 in Tampa Bay, what he expects from the Lightning and what the Caps have to do in order to advance.

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We have Chris Russell. He's been government is serious for our sister station when it was 67 the fan in DC and Chris Russell joining us now on the the deed Mercer rug cleaning hotline. Isn't cool on sports I don't jump ahead here but it. If the cavs would get to the Stanley Cup while there was something extra special about the Red Sox in 04 because they beat the Yankees. There be some extra special if the caps. Could get to the Stanley Cup finals by beating the penguins by by eliminating these ghost and finally getting here. Well yeah I mean I eat you know I. Yes I I think I. I don't know if America west would have the same kind of net scholarship feelings shore and it didn't perhaps about the Red Sox mainly because it'd been so long Asian the Red Sox won the World Series and the Red Sox simply remember were given up. Completely for dead it's not only. You know because it'd been so long but remember they were down three nothing in the bottom of the ninth inning they were down three games to none in the bottom of the ninth inning and going against the great Mariano orbital and who would have thought. They would've won that game nevermind texture least. You know so. I mean that was an improbable but come back as you can I understand the parallel that you're going to brought here in the Washington DC area and the commonwealth of Virginia. You know to collide melt Pittsburgh after all the failures having not be banned since the 199394. Stanley Cup. A plan costs which a lot even more homer since. Longer than. It'd take them you get cute. You know men. Shall watch our secure for Alex Ovechkin neck back from Brady Hoke beat Barry trot the first time in his career meant so much. And then hit it to do what they've been able to be in position for tonight even though they technically blown this tuneup and lead I don't look at it that way I don't know how you look at it. I think you're right where they should be and right where I thought this series would be you know understood yeah. I've picked that's in seven some I'm not feeling that this thing is anything out of the blue. But hey here we are it's a game seven the caps coming off this incredible physical performance physically Smart performance and they laid out 39 hits and only had four penalty minutes Chris. What did. Did anything about game six change and altar in the game sevens or anything from the momentum of the series that was altered in game six or is tonight. A beast in its own. Well I do you think it's its own individual game could you would expect. Right west can't put to come out strong maybe not as strong that they didn't game five where they dominated that first twenty and a half minutes took a three nothing lead. I I would be surprised at least she got strong about performance by Tampa Bay but you know they're gonna come out flying and I didn't think they came out and played poorly on Monday night. As a matter of fact there was nothing nothing gained and of course what 35 minutes or so. All of that contest and they have plenty of chances so it's not like they came out early and completely manhandled by the capitals clearly the capitals as you mentioned. With a more dominates physical team that we score we hear it very everyone I can see that I don't expect. Necessarily got to be the case tonight but the car. The but the capitals are the more physical team thinks they are that quote unquote has been your routine and they can play. More skill he remorse guilt game as well so. You know you expect him but could be. To have more chances you expect Tampa to be better in their own end do you expect him books. Q maybe draw a little bit more. In terms of the all tend to play in it in the caps attacks known what you what you can't half and what you need to make sure. Is that again the caps to limit the penalties to one or achieve throughout the game seven and hopefully the refs swallow their whistle that particular case. What you can't have is the turnovers that you had in game five UK have defenseman like Anton straw man. Dancing around and speed rushing around Matt get in and like you had in game five early in the second or. Those who little thing you can't have a third and work on guys like center park yet. Blowing into the offensive zone. And beating Breeden holt beat goes to the yeah that's one thing to get. It beat by Steven Stamkos in Nikita culture around it another thing to get beat by a against center pot that Ryan Howard and initially sent back what it can't happen. He's Chris Russell 1067 the fan our sister station in DC covering. The Washington Capitals. I joke whether or not he join us about an hour ago law ask you the same question I asked him under the premise of where you get trapped in the desert island you can pack three things to take with you. What are the cast of the pack up and take in game seven to win game seven tonight. What do or what do they have to attack happened three things you get three things on the desert how to take with you to survive what of the three things the cavs have to have tonight. To survive in game seven. What like this question on the Braden will be at number one. Alec so they're etched in it'd be easy number she do but I'm gonna say. I'm gonna save the old etched in and it's weird I'm missing the old etched in Mort gained six. And the scoring no patched in because I think he'd get a lot of the little thing most. That you need to do to win a game seven what I mean by that is the technicality. And morrow beat. Look warring and it Alex Ovechkin. And that's winning puck battles that are physical Alex Ovechkin but the Smart Alex Ovechkin. On the GE tried to win one out of one battles early Monday night beaten against authority. Real why he couldn't do it all by himself started playing them fourteen game the third thing. That I would say issues. Bearer and that is again more hockey or and it indicated it is beer. I would say they bear. There penalty kill all of them now I don't upn given to the right answers here. Last but. But they're penalty kill were so much more disciplined. On the on Monday night and I think it all started from winning faced ops. A large seller JP go. Nick backstroke that was sheets to me so I would say. Wait hold these. But I'll hold up what you got on Monday night what you've gotten games one and two for the most part I would say Alex Ovechkin that type of ballots and that can you got on Monday night again not trying to be Superman. And also the penalty kill on the faceoff wind speed and yet you know street during a few really good about tonight. I got thirty seconds left. Competence level for being this is their year one being they're gonna break hearts where's your confidence level between one and four. 82 and a half. How about that straddle indifference. It's still a little bit a little bit more toward heart it's the positive Brewster is filed a Phoenix how to tell your colleagues who are always tough when you about being too negative I'll tell that you are positive on my show body. That epithet. I appreciate it. Terribly don't know why I feel better but. Even though they only really good on Monday night and the crowd was phenomenal I'd feel better that this game is actually on the world. They messed with the too much yet you're you're a big lovable great guy I appreciate your body I'll catch it with you soon may you'll be talking about the hockey in Vegas hopefully next week. They got our our our hope so hope you you and I am doing great thank thanks barter at. Russell mania is 621 his Twitter handle. The rooster Chris Russell joining us on the indeed Mercer rug cleaning hotline covering this for 167 and in DC.