Interview: C.J. Prosise (6-21-18)

Wes McElroy
Thursday, June 21st
Petersburg's own and Seahawks running back C.J. Prosise to discuss his road back from injury, the many new faces in the Seattle locker room and his summer football camp.

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CJ good to have you back allied man. I'm great at great are you I'm good I don't know how many guys like oh routier's but after getting shut down last year halfway through the season. At the halfway point I imagine there's something refreshing about putting back the helmet on getting out on the field and just running around. All you have as food for more than the study didn't it. We'll accurate quote beaten that you have to avoid being done those who is very Beckham field they're blocking. They may sound simplistic but what do you miss the most when you prepare all year long and halfway through they shut it down because of that injury. What are you find yourself missing the most in in just. In the locker room or on the field. They did you have been on the couldn't he dissolved is if you don't it is our most of them did so they put out. It would be glad you know worked so hard for a big Newton really is simply don't. Able to do it says he's not being out there or not there a way. If it the news of the. Your team's been a lot of season news here in a lot of familiar faces keep people who who led to Super Bowl appearances and super ball there now departed and I know it's only OTA's and week. Will we know that there's new people out there guy has been moved released in a way or OTAs like a meet and greet with some of your new teammates. OEM. It's a lot of blood they and lesbian content that I bought the book. Get a you open corners of the court and so it. But obviously the modern movie did Molly didn't do right now. They were all over the world. Then we didn't want to lose over the what was going to provide together. I guess and then moved to new coaching that's at their place on the great job wouldn't mind and he doesn't generate. How so CJ because we keep hearing the phrase hit the reset button in Seattle I know it's only routier's but it. Is aired this are different vibe around the buildings or something no. On the Nevada's. You know still a very direct them expectations though that he was. That doesn't sound there was no potential payment programs and eat so mr. hood on the that there you know there. The culture of our roads won't be if the players they might but long he did you get that thing of competing of their loan you don't. He's on junket to Petersburg running back in Seattle Seahawks CJ pro sized rink talk about his summer skills academy and how your child could attend. Out what you just said there the missions the same the goals the same. But in that division LA's improved. San Fran looks on the rise what's it like hearing about the Seattle Seahawks that there the underdogs of the NFC west. There be some we haven't heard the last few years but. Means something to me it sounds forced and then they went the other team when none them got. Got without thinking no change to programs so we were looking. We wouldn't it be you know competitive glut in the competing for the guys could do you ever come. No it did an accomplice to world so we. My lungs don't really compete in a radio pick on the. CJ says on the there about culture cliff favor earlier former teammate had some comments a few weeks ago about guys lost faith in Pete after the loss in the Super Bowl. And it's not fair for me to ask you about that because you were part of that team. But they're there's been a lot of praised by the same guys who used to say hey Pete put the onus on the players gave the players a lot of freedom and a lot of responsibility. How does Pete Carol give you the veterans the ownership in the leadership and the freedom of that team. Many people he put that in you know the better bet on. Make that it is let them know will be about equally pleased because I'm in the lead by apple. Let them facilities so the the way. And so that they you know the sort of thing at least have no because you don't feel as though on the ball no road and and and no you don't build but you often booed out of the of the you occurred on the no they didn't they're denying as far as. It is he's been seen together and you make sure it didn't keep their culture. CJ pro size will be leading on July 7 he goes numerous youth football events say does it do to be pro site skills academy does and Seattle but he doesn't forget where he comes from. CJ is hosting the second annual free youth skills academy in Petersburg. The date is Saturday July 7 from nine to one colonial heights high school and Sedin and make sure I have this right is between ages eleven and fifteen are there. Do you remember attending a can't did you go attend aides have a football camper basketball camp when you're a kid. They have those never in it never enough and that they area big look for areas throughout the period. I that elbow big result but then there's not ever gonna be that I never had that opportunity to be alert. To have you know a professional athlete come you know common economic can't beat them do so militia leader against the way here. Know how to make peace in the be able to make these level. Who's now on what is important in Britain decree for everybody because. Of any human or nobody knows beat it didn't used around the area there. Of the strategy that sucked the area it is important that they've. Have a role model now so mired in muck up who and then don't know that it could go it their mobile world. Do you remember the first NFL player we're superstar you met because you know there's going to be a lot of kids coming up do you ask you questions about Seahawks and not the NFL do you remember the first NFL player or sports superstar you met. I guess I am I would say I would say. You are sure you know hopefully get guys who now but that is. And I on the in the past couple years thus would. But is that enough I guess I would think anybody got passed by Russia and really starting to be dropped it and give it an historical. So we'll be all over it and you know putting a hand. Camp for being with you guys being on the same thing. Then got booted out by one who would then he would but he had a view that the but it. He then started though I didn't hit. Well look then stay healthy because we love to see the CJ pros size Russell Wilson tandem out there for sixteen weeks. Once again CJ hosting the second. Free youth skills academy it's July 7 from nine to long colonial heights colonial heights high school we have all the information you can go after the show. Listen to the podcast is CJ and all the information of the camping skills academy will be there. They CJ I appreciate your time and you're out there on the Pacific northwest doing this is a time difference so thanks again not to do and as and stay healthy and we'll see you July 7. Are they don't beer.