Interview: Craig Hoffman (6-1-18)

Wes McElroy
Friday, June 1st
Craig Hoffman of 106.7 The Fan joins Wes to discuss a new development in the story on the Redskins cheerleaders and a shake up in the team's front office.

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The Redskins. In the headlines again and not for good reason actually for two not good reasons one of which New York Times. But another story yesterday about the Redskins cheerleaders actually this done night in cheerleaders the ambassador program. And also redskins' front office executive Dennis Green resigning he was the executive order to executives mentioned India ridge New York Times story. Over the cheerleading situation that happened on a photo shoot the guy who broke the story on a Dennis green's resignation. He's Greg Hoffman Redskins reporter on loan from our sister station and 1067 the fan in DC. Explain if you woods in my audience why this is a story. Some of their support. The or good morning at school only. It's so there's obviously took part is played out there's the EU. The ambassadors on your part where I stand at this point it's 28 key social arms as changed it. There's a lot of looking. The cheerleading profession. It met its necessity worried it except in been. I think we take it the detecting part out of it which is why a lot of these girls get to say. That's what like cheerleaders use eagle court. Although that's the thing that we look at our go to great idea that he beat people can actually cracked. That is that is alleged Astoria or time that tailgate party such equipment or groped or are. Deal with it appropriate combat. So that our historic it's fairly soft split. On the Asian side against Ian. Are what are extraordinarily significant because Dennis Green word is chocolate chips. Sponsorships. And that'd be largest holder. The Redskins business because it's where the most money consistently comes in and out and beat Ernie did. Advertising on obviously to keep the money its orbit but that comes a week but as our team goes to. The suites and sponsorships work on multimillion dollar business here. Our multimillion dollar part of the rent this year and it's the guys are achieved it all. Years chart there are a lot of and now yet sought a part of his reputation as future look at that what you're times stories. Part of it though it certainly could be something else that we don't know what. And aside and that can't opt or you know actual it is uniting number. Related that I can't tell you by the state subject of spiders statement. That buying a lot of you know somebody's been looking at first year but you still low the first ball or cheap corporate sought after title. Took indiscreet present. It was operation title. Hire a couple weeks ago that indicated that they were looking to you and we propped up aren't you an overt green for a long time. Whether eat members signed the sports side. Because we're back and one. You worked Hispanic part of operation and I can't tell either by I think that's multi factor aren't. It is not public they don't care about this is somebody who is oak harbor an extraordinarily large part it expects. Great got a couple stories here in and won the New York Times original story goes back to this photo shoot. Where Dennis green was one of the the employees are one of the executives who were at the nightclub where supposedly some cheerleaders were selected to go out with Swede orders. This league recent story. And you got the allegation that the ambassadors which were cheerleaders they're they were. Austin they were dressed up like cheerleaders they were told to go to Swedes and and you get the the story here the allegation of cheerleaders were lined up they were inspected by green and then he just basically hand selected. Which ones would go to the suites with them this is an I don't know if you've got this on your show or this blowback. When people say hey there there's they know what they're getting into their sex symbols there they're supposed to be looked at. That's fair but where it's unfair is what you understand where you're going to be a sex symbol. There's another thing where these women are asking for decency and respect and the biggest wanna commodity originally or times story was. That they get they know the day a public appearances they know they're supposed to dress up but could they get some type of form of security. By the team someone to be there to watch over import as he says they're getting hugged and groped in touch that it's not too much to ask in my opinion. Right now and I guess the way I would delineated as soon as well lets you I think there and get being appreciated even spore looks. Crushing it equal got it. Right and so. Adam there were other teams where there was no and I detect. Just the best. I don't know it's not growth is signed up or this particular program. Our ultimate party does indeed that dance background per arrived and they're really Croat and it didn't take cheerleading squad but packet. I'm always on eventually becoming and it felt your leaders and construct and operate out there're. In no reason why Coke who wouldn't want to do that because it's it's trying out a little car just like you know that we can actually make it factual. Note heed these girls have been true leader tiger you know on the can't can I can't ever watch T yeah right they're a team to watch European ambassador. And it's a college I've got it. Turk without. There's a little cut spending programs you go our current note Ed class and that. Which are leading director taught chronic ilk are so I stopped badgers and that's why that goes on there. Okay all right yeah sure that's great but didn't have to accept market position and you do which are getting more and duke. I go back tour circuit which is there a difference between. Mean put him position to market. And understanding that in large part because it looks at her particular echo that and being treated especially by or curator by the partial charge you. As a piece. There is there is room between. You know that there is parents probably a lot of gray area out by the inspect it like that I think that's out of the gray area into the appropriate at any any decent person I think should be able to accept it. Craig often 1067 affair first of the storied Dennis Green resigning from the Redskins operation alleging go on this one. We've seen a lot of change here in the redskins' front office we've heard a lot of things about Bruce Allen. And we've heard our colleague your colleague Chris Russell talk about Dan Snyder upset was Bruce out on the embarrassments. It fair or unfair to say that this story. Could go back to Bruce Nauman we're talking about embarrassments because this is now. Another week another headline another story of the New York Times and another not a good look for red for the Redskins. Com I would say it's unclear at this point. First scene outside of statement has been achieved in any of these stories. And so it depends how can you can't I think bought a actually a really good job and it. There's an Olympic that we did ours our storm Erin Perry Perry and for Asian based with Clark logical access storied cut. And a lot of are basically all this in Asia and apple are sore at work. Are speak our contract our records out but you couldn't turn the land of this record cleaning up shops and get the picture is ready for state. So it can't root itself what it was not our problem. Part along with Brian Bob you know put together the stadium. And I think Burris is gonna be all right our football operation especially out pushed back building completely. And taken a bit about Bob explain part of football operations. Impersonal so be in bulk it honestly speaking of football operations it pretty good. Clue left. Our weight or. Sloppily at bat by I you know there's there's some stuff there that I don't picket vs call. I think. Is it out of putting it all through that context that. Don't insider can electronics out cause there's. If not act. And he's doing his job there's no ruby red so I. I don't think that these stories happen except our careers Irsay because. These were people that want more market excited and won't mention steps involved there. A lot of people like for their industry pretty purse by a decade so it is sort of a percent higher anyway. Entered any kind of depend on. What they feel like the culture is look there it really do care they cultural problem. They likely are well quite adopt it as best they look better public guy. Help with the stadium I think that's a proper went to a lot. Good poise and in good work Craig Craig off men it was success in the fading catch and Sunday mornings nine to noon. And he can do so on the radio dot com Matt thank you part of appreciate about. You gotta OS such isn't your guy. Craig Hoffman 1067. In the span of guest appearing on the deed Mercer rug cleaning hotline Wes McIlroy fox sports 910.