Interview: Craig Hoffman (9-10-18)

Wes McElroy
Monday, September 10th
Redskins Reporter Craig Hoffman joins Wes to recap the Redskins' Week 1 victory over the Cardinals, his thoughts on Washington's offense, as well as the Redskins' improved run defense.

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The Redskins. Then rolled in that first half they were ready go after all the questions in the pre season about the pre season about Jay gruden. They rating get it fallen so let's recap one and although he is our Redskins reporter Craig often brought to you by drillers to go. Beer for everybody and their two locations. On broad street in short pond next to Trader Joe's and on the boulevard just north of broad and I believe now. Many could probably use of the year for are you just fresh offer red eye. Yeah man who. Yes can you sleep on a brighter he has been pulled an all night. I slept a little bit but not a whole I think I'm about two and a half to three hours probably right now it was not a long red eye unfortunately. IA IT like. I think when I booked the director was not available. Some people that booked later found director and we are all very out of them. But I chose I either could have a long connection in one of a couple of places or a short connection in Columbus. But that was only three and a half hour flight. And that's what I chose not so. You're here and we're happy to have you the morning. He's not fresh but it's fresh after. 80 ideals stunningly frightening I'm going to run full speed into a freight train later all right let's get the things that are stunning because all the questions that we had since basically OTAs about this team in week one. What impressed you the most about this team and let's just keep into the first half how they came out. Yeah I mean I think that the ability to establish the Ryan early the deep purpose in Christmas with which they played with really impressive. No I I almost got the sense this week that they were too relaxed and it's one of those things like and just this confident and ready to go or they become a chilling. And what I was told after the fact and never brought it up to anybody during the week was this this is the detriment of it just seeing thirty minutes of practice. Mason Foster told me in the locker map for their kill each other practice this week that he fell can't just ended. You're really getting after it's over in those open periods were were out there just stretching one on ones things like that based liberal with saving their energy and they got. After and that led to be really sharp performance. And it's kind of why I remind everybody when they make a big deal out of not playing in the pre season. That those are just a couple of rats in the grand scheme of a much much bigger picture. With practices aimed both at training camp that we concede and and the ones that we don't. And they clearly were very sharpened their preparation leading up to week one and I think how prepared they were considering the challenge of new coaching staff new personnel was really really impressive to me Greg Davis it is eye popping numbers here for this team you have 426. Yards of total offense and to see that 42 Carrey's. On the ground to thirty passing attempts. I don't think I'd ever seen that any Jay gruden play calling but you saw that Sunday and not only did you see it you saw him stick with the run because they were just eating it up and sharks. Yes and I think that this is proof of something that I have long thought to be true about ignorant but never had any evidence for. Which is if he thinks he's got a cute and running back he's going to feed said. And he feels like gauger Peterson is better than any back that he has ever had here. And I think that we saw from Sean McVeigh two point ever was or when Shawn was gonna go out to LA like why would they do that their best players running back he doesn't on the ball. No Sean believes in moving the football the best way possible and clearly he believes are getting Doug Hurley thirty touches a game. I am that's the best way and I think jays committed same way he thinks when the most effective ways for him move the football. Is going to be to give a teenager Peterson the two also look at. The passing game who had the most catches it's Chris Thompson Jordan read those guys that he thinks are best to move the football. And an Alex Smith is more than happy excuse that style of offense. And it is is something that I think team does go on the quarterback a little bit I think that Kirk at times checked out or run plays last year. Where Alex is going to be a little bit more willing to stay with them. So I think that it's a combination of a lot of things but predominantly is they have a guy at running back and they trust to be more effective than anyone else they've had since burden has been here. Craig often are Redskins reporter brought to you by growers to go and since you brought up doc Smith. He didn't have Jordan reader Chris stops and increased seizing games and Jay gruden even put the court up on the TV broadcast yesterday about. Gave this is now at two or three year plan he's got to be rating go in year one this guy look more like he's been in the offense for four years now mod four months. Yet and that's getting in ways eyes like it's a West Coast system it's very similar in a lot of ways too and Jiri is done. And because Alex's are Smart they can trust him. He was able to add things to this offense that maybe they didn't run under cousins and as I was shot Kirk analysis. Alex's experience is different now it's his skills that is frankly differences some of the read option and things. They've got a lot of it before and just how much in and their level of execution that was different. And again it's not like cousins wouldn't wouldn't be improved cable performance like yesterday. But it just it really is more about Alex and in what he is and how established he is mostly in the experiences that he has. Coming into performing and that kind of level yesterday. Where he's just really efficient and you know lifting the west and I think impresses me the most about him and this is not really anything to do is knowing the offense is just knowing yourself. It's. That his bad place. Our non disasters. And that is. Really really important mostly because you can be spectacular bid to throw three picks and then your your game you're spectacular this is is wasted. As uneven at Smith it was spectacular yesterday. But yet so when he plays where he just spectacularly. Got out of trouble and we have to see another down. And drives advance and eventually score and so those. Or you'd you know this the first is that like the one that pops to mind immediately is when he almost exact for safety is able to spot receiver and throw it into the der appropriately. And like that could have gotten the cardinals back in the game with the safety when they look otherwise dead. And so plays like that I think are going to be huge difference may makers and that's why. I think they they internally feel like they've upgraded quarterback. Is because Smith is so good at avoiding disasters and that is such an underrated part of playing quarterback in the NFL. There really is just appearance lies is a real veteran savvy about him and I I feel like witnesses is disclaimer this is a knock on Kirk but there is something there about the way out Smith plays a position. His decision making in your exactly right it's not always about things that you do it's also about the things the bad things that you don't do. Let me flip it over to defense him before illusion before you got to run your next radio hit but that defense lot of questions come and I don't know how good Arizona is gonna end up being this year and I'm probably sure that Arizona talk radio is gonna have calls for Josh Rosen. The so David Johnson really with two carries and then the defense of line then only bottled him up is bottled everything up and let the linebackers work. Yet it was really really. Present up front for them. You know basically think I mean. Hooked on pain is going to be able to shed blocks and make tackles yet a couple of yes it is odd stooges this first image 30 June this. On the you understand why they got a steal of the draft and I don't think got to ask anymore I was waiting at some point down the road to ask. They have vita there have been on the board of acute daughter's going to be at thirteen which you're taken Hemmer pain I feel like if it's say yeah we got the better player. On ad he's he looks like I just Amanda. Player right now. But his main job dot announcement job and I i.'s main job is to just occupied guys so that. Mason Foster and Zach brown can run and tackle and that's exactly it did yesterday yes advocates support from the corners and DB's I'd say he's coming out. And it just didn't miss a lot of tackles and and I was really really key. They were on top everything the big game plan extraordinarily well they just they watch the Mike McCoy is done in and with the chargers and in the Denver. They played them last year and just showed a mean they they were on top of everything they tried to do and I mean what they're only some new Acer on the ball in the NFL. But the same time tackling guy David Johnson not easy in the struggle on the first drive they corrected that. Real quick you have one minute. Who from the Redskins yesterday gets the Burgundy and gold game ball I think how I know they gave one Peterson. And I think that's well deserved I think he really did set the time. Yesterday. But I honestly I think governor Chris mean to come back from the injury that he did. You scored the first touchdown of the season. You. Just play with the spirit that he did in the Ager in said that Chris inspired him to really get going and he just he's such a spark and you know I again it's it's. Shows up in the stat sheet is there a 1000001 downs yesterday but his ability. To convert on third down is on believable I just there's a public could not believe he got an extending drives like that. Whether it's just chewing the clock in and another couple of minutes go by when you have the lead. Or in the building that we in the first place Chris Thompson was outstanding yesterday and it shows. Just how good he's capable of being good job buddy get some rest a little bit here before the next week starts I got the junkies don't upn nine back here and not then I'll sleep for like an hour. I'd want at least get that hour and beat it take care yourself more talk next Monday always thanks and sounds good that's Craig often are Redskins report he's brought you by ground urge to go. Located on the boulevard and ensure pond next to Trader Joe's for hours to go beer for everybody. Give mother like on FaceBook and check out their website. GT GR VA dot com.