Interview: Dave Glenn (8-9-18)

Wes McElroy
Thursday, August 9th
Dave Glenn of The ACC Sports Journal talks the new rules for NCAA basketball players, how much it will change things for the players and how it could eventually affect college football players.

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John John We'll be registered aids warning. What is he paying attention to tonight on the field in Foxboro Redskins patriots pre season games number one Paulino against grows tickets to for tomorrow night Don Morris of Richmond calling us sold for back Don appreciate you listen more goodies to give away in the 8 o'clock hour talked alive today. About the NCAA. Issuing new rules yesterday for college basketball the players can be read by agents if they're of elite status. What that means that's a big question. And players eligible for the NBA draft they go to the combo line can return to school if undrafted. They're just doing the highlights of what the NCAA came down with yesterday. David Glenn of the ACC sports journal joining us now on the deed Mercer road cleaning hotline. Of everything the NCAA issued yesterday what is most significant to you. I think the easiest thing to applaud less. Is that. Starting in August the point nineteen division one school are gonna have to pay for the education. Of the guys who leave school early. And returned within ten years to the same school and I have always bought you know we all agree most of it but thank. That there's an imbalance between in the revenues sport especially what school did the F Julio via we get our. So this is long overdue. The role does say that only players to attend school for two years are eligible for this basically decade long to free tuition books these. Whereas some of these other things or wait and see your little bit more complicated I think that was the easiest want to get as bad operation. Dave blood whether it's on fox sports 910 the rules are college basketball I'd Dave I ate. My personal feeling is about five to ten years too late I'd I'd like what they did yesterday with certain aspects but I think there's a lot yet. Not a great area here and let me start first where. You have the rule that players of elite status can be wrapped by agents there's do things in and automatically jump out. High school basketball players how does this work when the one and done rule is still in place to two point when he line. And how do you go about declaring who and who's not he leaked. Well now I'm glad you brought that up with a bat on a piece all the follow the report I yesterday. But the other doesn't there's already reporting well put it this way the NCAA. In its new legislation Apollo. Said that it will be USA basketball. That is tasked with the job of identifying who qualifies. As an elite high school seek your prospect. What we've already found out that both. USA basketball and the NBA which is still debating their new draft rule that might that he could change course several years. Both of those sort of pseudo partners of the NCAA. Said that they were caught off guard by the NC double about the yesterday and USA basketball books apparently they. We don't have enough scalp the the enough political game to do. You know why is we tell you the NCAA regional league article speaker there's not like that's just the ball are paid great. So the idea that the NCAA would that would throw that ball that the USA basketball and that you know they've. They don't you wanna catch the ball that the early alarm bell and as you said with the and NBA draft rules changing it's not clear you know how and when he's a lead seniors are gonna need that. The agent to turn to decide whether the turn pro or not. You could say that since some have been going to China or elsewhere they still have a go broad decision out of Playskool and seniors so maybe that'll help. But there's this certified agent process some are worried that that the bad agents are gonna do is to encourage everybody to turn pro goes away. The way the rules work you're at your contract with your agent is terminated if you choose to enroll culture futures were true return to college. So the agents certainly have a big incentive for you to leave. But the NCAA is hoping that the certification process kind of weed out the bad agents. And gives these young folks no more good advice the way they've already had a baseball. Supports. Did you yeah I think no wonder about was the rule where you can. If you go to the com nine and you don't get drafted then you can come back how does that work with a coach because you'll have some of these scholarships available. At the end of June is the draft like do you have to hold a scholarship from recruitment grad transfer and then. Even if you hold that they keep can still go to the. That is only a variation of something that these coaches are already dealing where we feel like every summer to coach that realizes Paul L fourteen guy at thirteen scholarships. And this just adds one more complication to babble management system. I did look up the numbers there were always some folks thought that the adopted rule should have been. If you go undrafted and you're you're eligible to come back I mean why not quite a bit about it's about young people why put up those blockade. The way they wrote the rules the way you city you've had to have it in light of the column buying it and they've become buying. But it misrule and this past year just as one example there were only a five players who've written interpreted. So this is not open that'll affect dozens or hundreds of players. They're their only protecting those that were sort of good enough to get the combined invite. But as it turned out they Belfort between rounds without being collected so that one is not as big a change and I think the original headline suggested. And even some of those guys you know provide you ballots you this last year what the cup like got drafted. EE would you would not return to do he had his mind on the NBA is so even though this new rule would apply to him he wouldn't have utilize that to return to cool anyway. And Dave Dave good Wes McIlroy fox sports night and I think that's part of a bigger subject here is where. Seth Greenberg said it best these rules yesterday were for the class is not for the masses I I think these things had to be done. It's just that. It's not like this seminal day where all of a sudden college basketball got fixed I am short on time Lisa let me ask you this one because not this is where I'm curious. You you can now hire an agent if you're relieved stassen college basketball. How long do we get a junior running back her junior wide receiver in college football to say why why can't I hire an agent. How about today or tomorrow the government and our government be because you know they can we debate ball won't write those guys has been complicated decision making their system. And I forget the year but they eventually gave baseball players the ability to speak and be advised by agents without losing their status that the college level. So it up. You have for a while at canoe is debate what god can do it why can't we had basketball and out point your finger at the next thing they can do it based on basketball. Like that we have with the football and yet he felt like if not an advocate if the weather that course. In between this cal football and selling Nike jordans down North Carolina Dave but has got enough to talk about down there. David Glenn radio show between twelve and three of her go to North Carolina checking out. And the ACC sports journal good to talk would you body we'll talk again soon. On west figure but missed it England on the indeed Mercer rug cleaning hotline.