Interview: David Cutcliffe (7-19-18)

Wes McElroy
Thursday, July 19th
Duke Blue Devils Head Coach David Cutcliffe joins Wes at ACC Media Days to talk about Larry Fedora's comments and player safety in college football as well as Coach Cutcliffe's work with the Football Oversight Committee and the upcoming season for Duke football.

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Game action coming your way at the top of the 9 o'clock hour brought you by Cali gates I think five people delegates. We're sponsoring this reminder tomorrow at their annual blood drive at Salisbury country club you can go to fox sports which the dot com to find out more. Make donations and you can also get a phone call. Gave you three to 019100. And donate blood Smart cells they go to public talent he's memorial blood drive. No AC CJ golf is complete it's not have a conversation is one of my favorite people in sports. That is David conflict ten years act two coming off a 76 season and winning quickly ball coach looking at his own salaries there. I feel really great. This is a team who's been fun to be around. Had a good time you know you know about children now wanted to get done I don't know must six grams of all they make. This time last year I believe that your grandson was to be born and I saw there was people in. And if memory serves you right I think we are at the prehistoric great ordained marriage I think it's a good good goal while like July I like your family genetics and routes I'm not a question. Well there we got a one year old birthday. 22 days. Theodore was born to a lot on this site. So I wanted to September 12 and go. Good good match I don't think's got the Stanley design and the dad to daughters are you pay for this wedding hey you know we're we're getting bigger all the time. And we went to the beach and are adopted son mark was brought his. Fiance. That may decide a fifty. So we got four grandsons in Mississippi a dog momma son the son or daughter two grandsons and and thank goodness we've got Emily. And Durham and in markets work should actually he's an assistant director of athletics convert to central floor. Shall we guess a man who dresses and head football coach free us from athletics covered. Well there's a famous photo social media community each dressed as one of the Incredibles. And who we saw it went viral. Is. Our our youth. My grandpa because your grandfather or you cool Graham Bob it's your football coach into the big football players while I think that maybe they just like calmly. Deep in this initial David. I just want to be a loving. And now play and play if they wanna play on the play that make you cool. Right. Hands home they've got a ticket from you. I don't know who gets asked about this its seems to happen every time ACC kick up I don't look at who gets escorted out of timing you or Tom Brady what. What still makes this fun for you to be back at duke another year getting ready for another football season. Work in new homes were opting to be around people. People and I'll love people approached our staff. Our entire football thing was there's not a person. And on the mission and our football thing. That I don't love and trust. So who out pitched a little like that every day at your place of import. Called that and I'll work. Just where four. It's good perspective dad David got clipped one of my favorites joining us here on fox sports night and brought you by cal and gates the AC CQ golf. So it's been going around today this morning your colleague Larry Fedora saying that football's a game under attack. You spent part of your summer on the football oversight committee with commissioners. High ranking officials in college football. Why did you wanna serve on the committee and what was your message to the committee about what football needs to do to evolve. I don't think. If we can be critical. Without the involvement. I knew it was an opportunity for me. As a football coach to help cement peace and conflict commissioner. Listen to a little bit of a different perspective. And realize that we won't work with the we plays best in question harder. There's a way to keep fish and game room. I don't know that I think I'm not agree to some level there's an attack. How many people are actually attack me that I think we gotta be careful about submission for. We had a great game. Got a great group people for the most part of coaching team student. We have to play your best conclusion to our I've spent over four decades. And I see I see everywhere around me who. There were all of our players he rules of the game equipment in the game. The approach we have boxes. Now I just think it's a great time to be a college football where I really do you wanna be a pro football player you will be paid well for good enough. That's your decision but it's a great time this college football. Good both the NFL and council want to again look act to kick off. What is in ten years and now the key gulf going to look like or is it going to even exist as do electric pump yeah. I'll like I think you know really what you just said. And I have said this. We've we've admitted. You played that's problematic. Once you admit that. Take coach Malone who should look I'll like what I think this on lives American football. Student achievement scores which can be forced and some distance. I don't know what started Todd going on what whatever you figure out. Three. So shorten your life. Yes kids yes there's your own side kick you run a play. Got a better chance of fourth and twelve. Did you duty can definitely own side kid so you know if it grew up to you would you vote to get rid of the kick off right now right now down on. Well I think there's a way to create a new strategy. And exciting. To take part but you can bring your offense back on the field. You can do us a Pradesh. With the fake punt you know like you do surprise don't care onside kick short. We all know all parts nothing like covering kicked off for return. It still think we have a safer place so how would be my recommendation right. David Cutler witness on fox sports nine today to head coach of duke battle gets your program just the second the while thinking your brain about rules changes this new redshirt freshman rule. You can haven't gotten up to four games. Have you given any thought to what you might wanna do with this rule because I guess. I was installed and coach Quentin about this there's two philosophies. It's want to eat you put a guy in the water and see how it doesn't then if you realized doesn't have a you can remove them. Or are you mature of you work with them and they have moment back into the season if he did. Well problems. We've we've moved that forward in the football oversight committee. To lose the division one council approved. So I was apart. Those two things you just. It protects student at. And this way protection until we decide to play for a and as ahead coach I've had trouble before over coaches have been killed were don't play Madrid. Then I don't play. Action Poland before relation to hear. So absolutely on the front but it doesn't mean you're gonna play every freshman we have restrictions in trouble sides and I'm not gonna treat you different. Didn't he had no. Seems. We get entry should be duck we have limitations don't throttle squads and size of and I got a starter on defense has also played for special teams but then that freshman written. Honolulu and there and not take all those hips. Also a veteran play. So I think it's going to be and I was apart again and I explained after the oversight. That this is a players' safety. Pool player benefit through my time to. You know I'm not trying to say okay we can play this because this game to that's not the intent. Did a couple of witness before I that you Ryan always look to look at quarterbacks usually talk about the Manning Brothers let. A guy who you have this year and Daniel Jones went spent some time with the Manning Brothers and here's a guy how would you describe beat Jones. The long gone to the guy who's getting rays starting another season. It well. It's fast. Got a great owns accurate there's just keep him healthy. He's been little to fear Lucia Newman School he's been sometimes look to fearless in the pocket. Trying to make something happen in the takes it hit us. I'm number one goal and others see how little thing don't take. To get. We'll have kids have really good off its football team thing. Please. Feel Olivia Manning has been home keep pace and I beautiful. So we'll go back that far to that philosophy on the try to keep annual beautiful place. It worked out well for the many bullets hits it came out OK so it's not a bad flaws. Coach got that I was into I appreciate our conversations congratulations on the great didn't know that your football. And thanks again appreciates their well we'll be talking under decision on and he doesn't like the first bird that it won't do it. We're we're gonna smash Jake. And out there right now as we talk here. She's getting close the first stamps some kind of open I can get back from Charlotte here the next couple out she has not yet taken her first and you won't be there I get to airlift got two innings September 8 I'm glad they send you an invitation in the night about how are they doing anything you know. Think it brings real quickly coach gonna let Leo thank you thank you sir that's the way to close at a show is David Douglas the head coach at duke and we appreciate his time.