Interview: Denny Hamlin (8-8--18)

Wes McElroy
Wednesday, August 8th
NASCAR Driver Denny Hamlin sits down with Wes at Redskins Training Camp to talk about the 1992 Super Bowl Champions hat he received from the team, the moment he told Joe Gibbs he would drive for him and his connection to Michael Jordan.

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Yesterday Denny Hamlin visiting the Redskins and a hot topic around NASCAR. Is what's going on here with the France family and obviously the arrest over the weekend and Denny Hamlin was asked about. The leadership of what's going on right now in NASCAR and and we were in a group media session when Denny Hamlin said this. I know. All the executives really really well and you know captive and invited in some very. Intense meetings with them at times and very confident that that there's guys can take the reins and do her job and that's with Brian France taken an indefinite leave following his do you line drug possession charges now full disclosure. We were asked to not bring this up not bring it out because Denny had addressed it in the can be good group media and basically had his statement about NASCAR and its leadership. So they gave us the flexibility in the opportunity to talk about some fun stuff including Denny Hamlin receiving a 1992. Zoubek has Super Bowl cap from the Redskins and there's a story behind it here's my one along wood Denny Hamlin. Sort of people can't see it but it molesters do this hat he just received from the Redskins and the story behind it. Yeah very Cohen and obviously FedEx played a big role in that they've heard the story of me. Losing my 1992. Super Bowl. Champions hat from the Redskins. At the time had it and signed by Joseph and I awaited. We're four hour line exit to get that autograph and you know a few weeks later you know I'd. Didn't listen my parents to tell me not take a school and I did anyway and I'll work on school was someone share the thing off and course that it flies right out the window so that hat was never be gotten again that they do great job of give me one that's exactly I think it's pretty impressed the fighters advance that 2018. And ended we both admit that we both awards event back in the day. Yes. Yeah I mean you you've got to take this could style with a baton. When it comes of that Carol. Now I heard the story that are wrong is that the first time he told Joseph gives its and then when a job for you it is it was yeah it was underground session in in 1992 and this first year being part of the cup series and I would use their repealed here. For an autograph session and here at that time I was. Pretty deep in the go carts I was racing on and on national level and use welfare football coach in that. You know he was here locally in Virginia and you know I felt the need to say hey that. I'd love to draft for Sunday and crazy you know about 1012 years later all worked out my baby and seize the moment. For you yet jays beat out Smith today what similarities are there for being a NASCAR driver to being a quarterback because. Spotlight is usually on the driver spotlight so is the quarterback you have a lot of people around me that make things work. Yeah I mean Joseph always related to for bonds and that you know you. Your drivers your quarterback here crew chief is the head coach and and so. You are injured as a great job getting them the most out of all this people and it's about the relationship that the that did quarterback in the Kirch have enough in the crew chief and the driver. And you were were the ones out there giving feedback. If there's no onboard telemetry about. You know what's going on inside of our cards it's it's us having to give them feedback so it's on us to have to run. The way you know the cars are designed to run and we're such that the guys that steers. Know you have a connection to Michael Jordan but person outside of your sport you know the most respect and admiration that maybe got you like to read about study. Yeah I mean. You know first thing comes from Amman is Jordan just because you know how great he is and how intensity is in no time out. It's been around him he's just such a competitor and wants to. When it everything that he competes and it I asked. Think there's a lot of that in me probably don't. Nearly the talent level that he had has but man that guy's sister his passion for winning on all levels in all sports and anything that he he can be competitive on I can appreciate that you're more from me. May start Denny Hamlin actually got starstruck was way and and who. It was probably actually in a at a Redskins game I went and got through that meat toppers. That was probably the last time I was like. Wow this guy has yet. The ultra star of stars. It yourself or old. Mean now isn't fit to do it's not going to vote isn't gonna do we Denny Hamlin. I like days of thunder through that be a great idea to. This started out like now know royalties I outlet that kind of have a producer Roland now a phone actually be in it that. Yeah they know. You can't write very well could natural of updates thunderous going back a look at you have all the old car's had in dual interviews here and there is to have. Very cool and everything cause background we know that only Iran on the. One these guys are in training camp they're getting ready for their season your senior season you're top twelve right now you still look at that first win. How do you treat this season guys spread but is America on how do you remain patient remaining yourself still the playoff spot for look at that first win. What I have to be patient you've got to understand you know when things aren't going your way it's a process to get back to the top it's not something happens overnight and firm believer that you we always perform our best when it comes playoff time. And I don't think this year will be any exception to that so. You know you know we're not don't have the wins that there were really hoping for by this point this season. There's no doubt we go to every racetrack from here on out and win just about everyone they appreciate Don is always best I think you've. Is Denny Hamlin out ES today at Redskins practice the eleven vs the eleven meets the eleven out Smith and Denny Hamlin hanging out thank you to our friends at Richmond raceway for coordinating that.