Interview: Eric Galko (4-27-18)

Wes McElroy
Friday, April 27th
Eric Galko of Optimum Scouting joins Wes and Mike to look back at the first round of the draft and give his take on Baker Mayfield going No. 1, which teams got it right and which teams got it wrong, and what players he's watching on Day Two.

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For more on the quarterbacks also what the Redskins did last night and the historic move having the Edmonds brother has become the first Brothers to go in the first round. Let's bring in our buddy Eric gaga who runs the site optimum scouting NFL scout also longtime writer for the sporting news joining us on the indeed Mercer rug cleaning hotline. Let's start the very top Eric your reaction to the browns pulling the trigger and making baker mayfield you're number one quarterback. Yes it'll probably thoughtful and murderer and pulpit that's quarterback and that's what never grow old Reynolds took these six foot. Quarterback Oklahoma particularly think it was a higher risk are the order salute. John Dorsey and people that step electric vehicle that you he's similar. Do just don't do that you're going to cheer the incident cheese at pebble so the particular. But put W their Olympic and helping them to welcome oil you know. Would your recommendation recommendation to the browns did mayfield or would have been Donald. Actually would have been nobody thought the highest upside the trap. Talks which are. And so on and so are cut or Beckett got the best quarterback class in a talk a typical week. Something like me feel some sense of appropriate so cheap flights just frozen just so important to speculate everybody I talked to. Had a double the top quarterback in the Bachman what you're schemer pure rumors that are quarterbacks so I think Carl and of course they told that if more upside and they can be field but. Of his job Dorsey got the rest completely broke through petroleum they'd like Africa I think if you. What do you make of the 32 or not the F 32 pick with DO Baltimore Ravens trade up to get them projects. Connecticut for a probably going to be first and foremost really hard for all ought to do well Joseph Flacco contracts or Olympics here that is the look salary cap space but. There's a raven defense start and there are guys they trap of so well. I'll let it be for the last four years. At the start paying those kinds of natural cycles are difficult but they've been an acute fear the principal architect. Bulk or replete with a more direct. Buddy you're ready we've got to connect over the oh wait or develop over the the other what but also want to go as political World Cup opening up a product of a lucrative Joseph Flacco. But the years ago would have been answered all like art track and pretty different ways to do just that Baltimore. Is there gal go optimum scouting was on fox sports night and west McIlroy Michael Robinson of the NFL network. We go on and on about quarterbacks that you take this wherever you want out of the 32 picks last night there. Who was the player and the team is Saul is the best fit together. Good question I don't publicly republic wrap a picnic or partly because it certainly to collect. Poor and their club or who are back there are available but I think part of topics that what you're looking at right now they have a chance. States control B a playoff team been opened with who. Before we let me to retire take on more particularly helpful there can't be that bridge. Tell you what critics who want this year and they'll interpret eleven to retire the next 23 years. They quote book can help that sacked quarterback haven't ease your transition guarding the giant. Papa tempo that they regret that appears to have any. Go to a playoff spot people right now because if you Kubrick here and I think that quote what true. Air to go up against that to go against. Is he going down and Alison about three different running backs the Eagles have the Redskins at thirteen pick the Iran pain and you Tweeter right before. That there is to drew and James there was two main Edmonds who you support as your best talent on the board. What do you think of the Redskins go campaign is said and Edmonds or Janes at thirteen. Yes it was surprising begins with Patrick because they have two guys they'd like to. Walked up to deport those two guys there that have taken the boat. The box who supplies but to be today at twelve with a consent that was market. I think for red can they improve political or it's got a bit drunk and well liked by a lot. Chargers. And the falcons spoke well born and all liked a lot Republican candidate he spared but. I think the regular order practical to decrypt or prop their biggest. Our defense who absolutely it would look like it could effect there you they have maybe a better prospect of drop bait but. And they wanted to would be the thinking has so much upside the guys that. A despite new kind of tactical told that there could be up already quite yet. You can almost went to all these talks are at this. With our. But we also want to consistently and that's what you like about twelve TDs he's still developing the legal department went into orbit. But you're going to work hard and hope we put a. How would you compare paying to Jonathan Allen two guys out out damage to guys selected by the Redskins. You break down the film how would you compare him similarities and differences. Pad until they have experienced like multiple role what are the benefits dealt evidence of what does that exit without. Look out a lot of talk about post flight deck because technique that he would do was blocked the president the pressure well they have a team will do would be happy with a tote the Greek. Why should all that kind of stuff. I don't know that's a lot of I think it really helps. Good via a lot because threat and who drew one point based reform but so what do some soul multiple. In particular who brought people are up Dupree looks so. I think those two guys. But it broke up the defense a lot and investors it would have to speed that we regret now that. I really strong part of what created a popular like the respect that Cuba. Oprah or perhaps social and for for Kerry in other drug vote appeared. Eric out go optimum scouting two quick ones more before I let you go one. We knew Jermaine Edmonds is gonna go in the first round and I sold to Rel Edmonds round to round three. Jason Lankan foreign CBS sports was the only one that I saw really reporting that the there was some buzz about him going in the first round from what you know. How did throw a men's work his way in the first round being selected by the Steelers. And you're one of one of the top cornerback Strauss. All the guys like a lot so that bill like just Jack's I would add another the but as athletic upside the feelers. Artie who value or like upside at all our players like these that more than most to. To me at the parent that. It's absolutely. Don't want or athletics who do we developed and developed a cult like very very well skewers. Even defeat do you really cut the track that surprise that the equipment and because I don't nobody Utica and that helped you over the top fifty overall predicament it's Urquhart got out too but. I can't let people like that public safety in their entirely up. And finally you want the first guys have known you for years view of the first guys to light the match. Let people know nationally to Colorado was a guy don't watch at a Richmond so I ask you as we go into tonight. Team that makes the best fit for column where he could have a nice long career who would you pick. People maybe it's cliche about middle of the patriot make a lot of sense a lot a lot of similarities optional did you drop out because all quarterbacks who have. True but it's a quick. Clinton put the pieces look at the program really well with part of patient and they become a lot of with the with the patriots that are really like is that. A lot of political multiple systems that rich that he wasn't able to a couple and he wants system at Cooper who cooked the quick. They're gonna help improve looking about a lot of sort of the patriots. They glut that's certainly the German court or court backed the trap but they've a look at who didn't know it's rough but a lot you'd like how I think he's a particular. Eric thanks knows a long night last night too busy weekend I appreciate is always man. Thank you rip you guys act optimum scouting is Twitter handle optimum scouting dot com Eric out go to lead scalp for the sporting news.