Interview: Ferguson Jenkins (7-10-18)

Wes McElroy
Tuesday, July 10th
Former Chicago Cubs great and Hall of Famer Ferguson Jenkins joins Wes to discuss being a Cub for life, what it was like to watch them win in 2016 and how the game has changed over the years.

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Do you remember. The movie ticket came out twice five years ago today. I'll tell you coming up at 735. It's cheese. Sometimes we love cheese. Was mackerel at fox sports 9101 out now we're go to Russia we are gonna go to Moscow at the the World Cup where they are down to floor Steven golf. On the Washington Post will join us live from Russia before we get to the first semi final which today is Belgium and France. But right now as we continue to count down a Major League Baseball all star game. Our friends from the Geico all star fan fest coming to the Walter. DC. This Friday through Tuesday July 13 through the seventeen tickets are available at all star game dot com. They are cannot provide us with a hall of Famer or an all star as the week goes on the and yesterday they had the opportunity to sit down and talk to hall of Famer. And the former cubs great Ferguson Jenkins who startled the conversation. Of the teams that he played for and there were four including my Philadelphia Phillies. As Tim what was so special about being a cub for life. Well you know one of the only team so little I came over here most played day baseball. They had. Two famous people I think. Personally always had a Ernie Banks mr. cup. What room at the last three years we've played anyone. I can go here we had Leo Durocher mr. Leo rule it out so there were disturbed. So not impacting the individual let that played for mr. Ridley and as I sit they've based all of my hole like ten years as a Chicago cub and even as a coach they baseball. But you could pick for four Major League Baseball teams housing different with the cubs it almost seems like. If you do well it's you're you're part of the legacy. We definitely there's you know legacy that they had morning. Until they did in 2016108. Years so. I just think that because of the fact that it's such a good ballclub. I'll world records showed up you know they're winning World Series against Detroit they get all of our other teams but it was just the fact that. They hadn't gotten so long and they always talk about all over the country hadn't done this this president this president that you know and and that it would kind of not a standing joke. But the cubs were kind of the doormat of the National League until. Thank you 68 police truly start to win an adequate to 697 except warming. Another good team in the eighties and in 2000. And then these young men in 2006 seemed finally our turn everything around by. Beat Cleveland in the World Series in winning. But championship and they tend. I think it's just turn Citi around. What was it like for you to watch your former ballclub finally on the win the World Series. Well I was more than happy to have to be part of ballclub because there's so work for the team does just the fact that these young men. Put it altogether while the one year and they want 85 games and anyone 97. And then. To win now. The championship and in 2000 at sixteen but you know and now the wild card teams and there's so many extra teams you have to play. You know and I get to walk architect and earlier bluntly. That he did it have put beating you know I think the dodgers' offense is going in the one on two independent and then that to play the World Series could. It it takes. A lot of other intestinal fortitude and you play a lot of games start up in the February 10 to thirty games this spring training and you got to play. Little wild card and then the World Series so they they play over 200 games I think organization. The only demand you have to stay healthy if you're gonna win. He's Fergie Jenkins joining us here on fox sports nines and brought to you by MLB fan fest coming next week. To Washington DC you led the league in wins twice fewest walks per nine innings five times complete games nine times. And fewest home runs allowed seven times. I also led the league in strikeouts wants which one of those stats are you most proud of. Rolling out the side in me knows of course Chicago Cubs player to win the trial in the 1971. He. On the company that they killed 39 starts three complete games. Back then. You know you're. Obligated. I think and the pitcher to go out there. And perform and then perform as long as you could occasionally England and a road that gave me an opportunity. To win not this many games as pop or you're gonna go a political body. The complete games and what's it like for you who watched the game now we're starters. Sometimes don't even go through to batting order a third time what's it like for you the way you play the game the way you page to see what's gone on now. Although Syria knows that you lose a hundred pitches. Out of the ballgame DB types of scrutiny. They think. If you have defacing hitter more than three times. He's gonna know you better ratings going to be able to get hit. Regardless. You know I deface the lumber company here and back in the sixties and seventies. What alimony and startled sink in so many guys Abner. I didn't think he could good hitters maybe three times in the lineup and and I didn't mind at the disaffected. Pitching to contact the very important and knowing theater is what they've blocked you a pitch is that you think your strength. The medical corps and you don't get the Dodgers and that's what you realize that the Soviets in radio play their fiscal McCovey and days and you're very hard I mean I can name. A ton of players. You know they're gonna get there yet. You're not gonna toppled. Clemente you're not gonna compliment I mean it was just part of the team and actually gets so many. Outstanding hitters that if you want to talk to your game that particular day. You're gonna lose. For you know we love to. Rank things in sports talk radio if I gave you three opened spots the three most difficult guys to get out in your career facing them Mercado. Well Pete Rose got a lot of good. Liberal Clementi. And in the American League when I was little there aren't true I mean contributing machines they just they took. It upon themselves and know what they're doing. When they came up to the plate and Europe it's against them delivered it the wasn't going to be an easy task a lot of times they got themselves so but. You know be Uganda we didn't purchase one guy it's a way to do it now and they got hit so that's part of the game. What was so difficult what was so special about her vertical many because sadly we don't have them here and we can interview them we can't pick his brain about hitting philosophies. Well from the pitcher's point of view what may Comesa different. He came to the plate and you have no idea I was gonna hit the ball. He had the ball up the middle a lot who get the ball in right center energy pitch them hard in these polar ball so he he wasn't. An individual you have that poor how to pitch one way or you. I just think they're keeping the ball down in the strike zone he wanted the ball up. He could push the ball from right in right field I think that that was just great if you see that ball up put away you. He just he enjoyed that because he had a ball put power in that direction but if you make mistakes in her eating off speech slow. He was Napoleon. You'd love to watch pitch who were USANA. Well I cannot control ought to give Bob Gibson. Quite a bit against drysdale Seaver Carlton some of these guys they just had excellent. Commander of their pitches and WM out there and you could you gemstone. Just watching them but I'm sitting on the bench watching pitching against me you just sit you have between. Controller itself because of the fact that these guys were gonna give up a lot of run. Because they were out there that to try to win that particular ballgame to protect against them and they just can't. We are a sense of what they were trying to accomplish. I can do story talent Ferguson Jenkins here for about twelve hours and fortunately we're almost out of time. Ferguson Jenkins brought to you by an MLB fans there's going on in Washington DC will give you all the information in just a second but before I let you go. What we've been doing this was some great guest I've got to ask you. Favorite personal all star memory was one for you. My first all star game and an opportunity to strengthen our Q is there it's it's streaming side really won here are shown that game. And I'm. Twenty to twenty years all the time pretty excited about going out there a lot of adrenaline and just enjoyable was an Anaheim Anaheim California. Very thanks for doing this it was it's an honor to talk did and a lot of the stories thank you so much enjoy the Major League Baseball star game. I appreciate it quite popular with great. Great talking to Ferguson Jenkins yesterday on the show and out Paul I'm listen back that interview I think we should recount that interview and listen to all the hall of famers and he dropped but he went up against faced. That's an excellent story town they're from Ferguson Jenkins one of the great guest the last three through the course of the week Davey Johnson's gonna join us Fred Lynn that. Nine time all star the only guys who ever had a Grand Slam and an all star game he'll be one of our great guest as the week goes on. All brought you by the Geico all star fan fest coming to Walter. DC. It opens up this Friday if you would like to go to fan fest tickets are available. All star game dot com thank you to Ferguson Jenkins west McIlroy fox sports 910.