Interview: Fred McGriff (4-9-2018)

Wes McElroy
Monday, April 9th
Former Braves first baseman Fred "Crime Dog" McGriff joins Wes ahead of his Opening Day appearance at The Diamond to share some memories from his days in the bigs, if he liked his nickname, how he prepared before the start of a season and if he ever wanted to come back to get to 500 home runs. 

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As part of opening day festivities throwing out the first pitch will be five time all star. The read John Silver slugger World Series champ. He is the crime bill Fred McGriff joining us on the good deed Mercer wrote clean hotline. Read great to have you sir how are it. Margaret Warner and aren't so I'm good. That the crime dog was that Chris Berman with did you have that before that was a Chris Berman who gave you the nickname the crime dog. And I know Chris Berman a back and they've given nickname or. All the players learn there but it started copy and Berman after that you have arm did you like it at first. Patrick wrote quote but I heard a lot but what could they don't hear their that the student as I. I gotta tell you we're discussing this earlier I hold it is one of the top four nicknames of all time it just works and I I love it even more I don't know if you've watched the Geico commercial with the McGraw crime dog. I everytime I see it's like you two are so it is one of the McGraw often regret every Donna see that the Geico commercial I left. Despite her perfectly timely that you are on the shell out Fred McGriff what is on fox sports 910. We're just we're kicking us around earlier it's the first week of the season and we go god got over the big things we've we pile on the bad things. What do you remember mentally about just getting in place in a good place for week one no matter how good or how bad he started. Where they are first and spring training and he didn't appear bent when there are good screen a little bit. Gupta a gust predators when that you open you. Can cook up a good start but the most important that we get are created or try to get to go home and I'd rather wait and just. Try to maintain which nor common for a cup a lot of guys you. Important whether you're ready analyst when you open tuneup industries like coal and it makes Gupta when that it started this season we could earlier in the past and so now. You know what Sony's game dark. I'm TB and so forth but this is true reason news filtered he's skullcap cone covering their mouth of the net and no it. Is credited. What was the worst the beginning of the year on this cold April Saturday nights where there's sweltering August Saturday afternoons. There was there were mistreated and go our typical like sort of like when I'm in Chicago that colder than that were there and I bit my pink and light. I mean you played a game you couldn't wait till Atlanta how you know MLS I did pretty. Yeah it streak that's our. Blue grass state turn up the project and you stay in their act within minutes of spell and out so. Unbelievable so. The cold Weather Bureau. Yeah and then and then when you got Michelle are you had that instant burn because your skin is RD just jagr and it in a hundred degree water on what are. I don't know it to the Chicago level that we do know you're talking about Fred McGriff witness on fox sports 910. Seven consecutive seasons over thirty home runs ten seasons with the least thirty. You are such a consistent hitter and also for power. What was your key but what what what challenges did you have gone from AL to and now. And even beyond that how did you maintain being such a consistent hitter Fred. Well from them look for the draft followed by every single time not Miami and the players a small guards. All about trying to be consistent. And Ethier batted goal go from beta today and trump you're a year like ignorance a couple of things to do an all sports so. Date to do conferred with the day to day you're wondering. Chemical David duke again. And sort of their constant battle for a all the players from what you did last year what you did my argument that it makes a and a whole new ballgame accompanied with when I had a couple of home run to regain your leg got the better suited. At a and the next thing you know restrict out. Like I can't step edit and so. It happened that made things feel we've confident you gain more control. Trying to beat. The pitchers and nowadays the abduction African republic Italy. Staff. Members now and everything they know. It's you latitude on lag where unity medical system. And I. Great but it's up to American power plant today and make that ship them out a letter. I hit a ballpark. I need and I know what I did that there. Value do you take any yard. You don't think people are who you want to the game MP and that and then now an important what is Egypt. The ball a little weird to let he who. Think this will you do the manager of the other team here who aren't. You know could you list that big power hitter you know in fact that they are headed to ballpark. A warrant because not to go there where else but I kept whoever. You know there's a gap from his home burned to death of Baghdad scoring in can be a whole lot artwork. Our tech guy to double the putted it down third base than him hit 100 ballpark. If I gave you ten batting practice swings have we had you heard the diamond Friday night and his 310 fastballs down the middle how many could you take out right now. Well Lou Miro and let them. My need him a Bakken and have. And have back surgery so. To recruit out and it's about a run for me. Pass a written by produced now it's on or not we don't run just does it's batting practice when it's all about this because it. We we we look at the stats and that you were seven Shia 500 when you call the career. They there's there's part of me if you are so the Bernie back moving mr. 3000 he's got to come back and get a couple hits. I'd rather I'd love for you 4054 now I'd love for you to find a way to come back and just get those seven home runs to get to 500. There's dark colored community I was blessed to Pacific. Doesn't can imagine how many Janet today. We're about to get hit one home run in the big east. Forget forget toward mandatory for 500 just get it comparable status. You know they're dreaming my goal of clarity professional break on your current leader grown up. That you make it it the big relief. The numbers are staggering accredited kid or I mean. Each year baseball and that's perhaps amateur draft come June and awkward kid is making it Communist may be very. Well cannon mr. company but to. If tiger and to make from the district beat blasting it one incomplete. Eighteen thinking year's group I'm. It. Quality eighteen years he was Frederick is forever grip joining us and they. 359 if you and and that's a buy tickets and Fred will be thrown out the first pitch for the due to meet and greet we'll tell you tomorrow I can win passes to go join me. 100 corporate dirt. Odds split the opening series of the Trenton and I know a couple good prospects are good good catching prospect. Couple guys who already been to the big show with the giants out there. And now you you don't have to do like the old thing where where the veteran gets called a beetle the buy dinner anything for the clubhouse on Friday idea. It's a much did savage and an amendment that triggered by an album and I go. There hasn't been up to bigger bit but take care now. Yeah yeah he's always this you're getting needle Friday night not paying those guys that. It's crazy you don't give me a map. Update he's got to make in court 300 million dollars right. So what gets me is the guy who you can negotiate a clean record and it. They're get murdered alternative 200 million dollar and so right. And he can't let them dictate if that means by the industry. Under whatever site I ain't static which you've led to a velvet suit. But some of direct to you to remove all of you like dude you can call me at all. In a more than. Back you can column in the Italian or I went to talk you've got. Old at all and power output grew by a 10 are not a good good. Didn't play well dogged recruiter. And. Fred Fred McGriff who won more before it lets you hop. How different is it hard early today's game is it is the same game just different athlete that how do you look at today's Major League Baseball. Our latter group book that for now I'm home. The players that thank god they're wrestle a lot of guys up to. The big leagues nowadays so fundamentally you'd see different. A lot of bad patron mistake if from if out of bed. Bobbitt she wouldn't you wouldn't bet community the pitching in. Not disputed. Back in the day. Your form pilot starter for pretty decent and now they. They're not his character so well me just milk quality Apollo. Got the same right now. I could use for another fifteen minutes I'm side and cookie for a flat dollar sir you were fantastic but I looked more diminutive Friday night and a waterboarding got. Seem to crime dog Fred McGriff Friday night at the daughter of Fred thanks so much fewer jobs there roundtrip OK you've got cred regret joining us on fox sports 910.